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  • Posted in thread: Phenols in lagers on 06-16-2008 at 06:17 PM
    Several of my lagers have been a getting slight to moderate phenolic taste and odor. Some more
    of an odor but no taste. I was wondering if the mash tun had any factor in it as I never
    sterilze it sinc...

  • Posted in thread: sour taste in lager on 05-21-2008 at 12:06 AM
    It took about two weeks to develop. I know that acet can form from bad sanitation, but I don't
    think this is it. I had have of the batch in a party pig and it was great for two weeks and
    only when it ...

  • Posted in thread: sour taste in lager on 05-20-2008 at 06:27 PM
    What can I do to prevent acetaldehyde from oxidation when I bottle? I use an autosiphon with a
    cheap bottle filler. The beer starts out fine and then developes a slight sourness ala
    budweiser. Thanks

  • Posted in thread: Oats for stout on 09-19-2007 at 11:13 AM
    To brew an oatmeal stout, can I use Quaker oatmeal in the cardboard cylinder as is into my
    mash, or do I have to roast them first. ThanksJohannes

  • Posted in thread: Lagering in a plastic bucket? on 04-23-2007 at 11:34 AM
    As 99 mentioned the plastic breathes and allows small amounts of O2 to enter. I have lagered in
    plastic fermenters and come up with some decent lagers. The colder you lager and the closer the
    beer is ...

  • Posted in thread: Rice hulls on 03-06-2007 at 02:36 PM
    I am going to be doing a wheat beer with 50% wheat and 50% barley. My question is how do you
    add the rice hulls to the mash tun? Thanks

  • Posted in thread: Is this an infection? on 01-29-2007 at 06:43 PM
    I have that type of contamination from using plastic fermenters/secondaries. Each one infected
    the next until all my buckets were contaminated. I lost several batches before I figured out
    the problem....

  • Posted in thread: What's Brewing This Weekend? on 01-14-2007 at 06:19 PM
    Making Cristal a Cuban pilsner. Racked my Pilsner Urquell to secondary. Lagering Bitburger pils
    and another Czech pilsner.

  • Posted in thread: sour apple on 06-19-2006 at 02:22 PM
    I have some bottles of Austrian lager that has a good dose of acetaldehyde. Can I help clear
    this by bringing the bottles up to room temp to let the little remaining yeast clear it up? The
    bottles hav...

  • Posted in thread: German crystal malt on 06-08-2006 at 02:04 PM
    Thanks for the replies David and Mysterio. I thought it might be carapils, but then the clone
    book also uses carapils in recipes so I was confused by the name change. Thanks again for your