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  • Relative newbie.rn1st batch brewed 12/26/11(Christmas present)rnI can sense a new obsessive hobby...........
  • Scouting,hiking,camping,music
  • Veterinarian
  • same
  • eclectic- jazz,folk,some pop, classical, singer-songwriter
  • Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • currently BBT
  • varied interests
  • too many to list
  • Have been thinking about brewing since I found a Hop vine at an old abandoned homestead 3 years ago, and transplanted it home. It grows up the side of my house.rnMy wife finally took the hint and got me a 'Truebrew' kit for Christmas 2011. 1st brew was an 'Oktoberfest' on 12/26. Surprised me by being quite tasty.
  • Upcoming in next month:rn1. Irish Redrn2.'Kitchen Sink' Stoutrnthen prior to summer, a cream ale, and a 'Blue Moon' clone. Probably will want to do a porter or brown ale as well.rnThen Fall will be an Alt, back to back with 'Ben's Double Alt', followed by another Oktoberfest and maybe a bock.rnFall
  • nothing at this point
  • Cascadian Dark Lager thats been lagering for a month now. Probably bottle in another 2 weeks.
  • Since 9/12:rn'Ben's Double Alt'rnCiderrn'Loghouse Honey Porter'rn'Novemberfest'rn'New Years Special Bitter'
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  • Posted in thread: Feedback on first hard cider on 10-05-2015 at 02:09 AM
    Looks like you have things well in hand. I've not added malic acid, so can't help you there.
    But you have plenty of time for an expert to chime in. Good Luck!

  • Posted in thread: Can sulfur smell be resolved with conditioning or adding more juice on 10-05-2015 at 02:04 AM
    Relax. The rhino fart smell is quite common with cider and will dissipate with time(a couple
    weeks).Reviewing the occurrence of the smell, it seems to happen less often when you add yeast
    nutrients to...

  • Posted in thread: add yeast at bottling? on 10-05-2015 at 01:29 AM
    It all depends on your methods. ie. Are you treating with sorbate or Camden post ferm?Are you
    using Dave's method of multiple rackings, cold crashings and/or gelatin to get rid of the
    yeast?Are you co...

  • Posted in thread: Bought the wrong Cider on 10-04-2015 at 01:49 AM
    Here's a link to a thread about my sorbated batch from last year(hopefully I linked correctly):
    did successfully defeat the evil sorbate, but it took some doing. Good Luck!

  • Posted in thread: Yeast in neck carboy on 10-04-2015 at 01:26 AM
    At what point in the process are you? ie. did you just add the yeast? Or are you trying to
    clean a used carboy?Yeast is a fungus, but it can't change into anything else like a mold.

  • Posted in thread: Creating an NA ( I neutered my beer) on 10-03-2015 at 10:39 PM
    Sorry jovis for the delay answering.When I've done it, I have just neutered part of a batch for
    a friend. It takes just a little yeast to prime for bottle carbonation, so I think it would be
    fine to u...

  • Posted in thread: How many gallons of homebrew in 2015? on 10-03-2015 at 10:31 PM
    20551.5 + 5.5G Ben's DoubleAlt= 20,557

  • Posted in thread: OG correction for pitching onto yeast cake on 09-28-2015 at 09:20 PM
    None. A hydrometer measures dissolved solids. Trub and yeast are all non-dissolvedFor the
    future, one of the best things you can do is measure your SG toward the end of the boil and
    keep some DME on h...

  • Posted in thread: Reusing Bottle - Unibroue on 09-28-2015 at 07:27 PM
    Hi, sorry for the delay answering.I have not seen the Don de dieu down here. My pretty decent
    packie store only carries the La Fin du Monde, and Maudite. My Fin du Monde clone was an
    experiment. The r...

  • Posted in thread: SWMBO doesnt like IPAs on 09-25-2015 at 12:47 AM
    If she's worth keeping around, then every once in a while, brew something that she likes. Mine
    likes my Irish Reds, Oktoberfest and Vienna lagers, and the good ol' Blue Moon clone. Leaves
    about 10 oth...

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