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  • Posted in thread: Corney Cooler build advice needed on 02-03-2012 at 01:04 AM
    It is a 55 gallon plastic drum. I will post pictures of the process as much as I can upon
    completion. The walls are pretty stiff so I am not too terribly worried about flexing and I
    plan on fabricatin...

  • Posted in thread: Corney Cooler build advice needed on 02-03-2012 at 12:09 AM
    So a friend and I have decided to build a 3 keg cooler out of an old rain barrel for parties. I
    decided that I wanted to put draft taps on this cooler instead of picnic taps since I have
    spare taps fr...

  • Posted in thread: Another Brew your own 2 for 1 magazine offer on 09-19-2011 at 11:06 PM
    I am interested if anyone else has the same offer as the OP.

  • Posted in thread: Old CO2 Cylinder question (Legality) on 02-22-2011 at 11:09 PM
    I bought some old CO2 tanks and ball lock kegs from a bar that closed. I went to the local
    Airgas to exchange the 20lb CO2 cylinder and they asked about the tags on the tank from another
    gas supplier....

  • Posted in thread: Co2 Cylinder/setup price and question on 01-08-2011 at 08:58 PM
    I was just offered 4 K size CO2 cylinders from a bar that closed years ago. My question to the
    forum is those 4 cylinders along with regulators and about 8 cornys would be the deal for about
    $250. Is ...

  • Posted in thread: I think I screwed up a starter on 07-22-2010 at 01:57 AM
    Ok, so I was very restless last night and a bit aggravated due to the lack of fermentation in a
    batch of Dunkel I brewed Friday night. Figuring I may need more yeast, I decided to try to
    salvage a pou...

  • Posted in thread: How to make a yeast starter - Pictorial on 07-22-2010 at 01:28 AM
    I have a question... in my insomnia last night I decided to try to see if a pack of Wyeast 2206
    was dead or not since I brewed a Dunkel Friday and the fermentation seems weak. I mixed the
    starter, but...

  • Posted in thread: First AG batch that is larger than 5 gallons on 07-15-2010 at 12:38 AM
    I am brewing a batch of Munich Dunkel that yields 7.5 gallons. My question is how much yeast do
    I need? I have 2 pouches of liquid Wyeast Bavarian Lager. Is this enough? Too much since 1
    pouch is all ...

  • Posted in thread: WTB Barley Cusher or any grain mill and Stainless Steel fly sparge arm on 06-27-2010 at 10:50 PM
    I am new to all grain brewing and am looking for the last few pieces to my set-up. If anyone
    has a grain mill that they need to get rid of, please let me know the price. I am also looking
    for a fly sp...

  • Posted in thread: Need some help picking an outdoor burner solution for brewing on 11-10-2009 at 11:44 PM
    I am currently getting into brewing at home but cannot cook in a stock pot on my glass top
    stove. Rather than purchase a new stove, I was looking into getting an outdoor burner to boil
    the batch, poss...