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  • Posted in thread: First Cider on 09-29-2007 at 01:12 AM
    Just tried our first Apple cider. Wow! I'm really impressed. Gunna do more of that in the
    future. Not too sweet, Slight dry after taste, very bubble'y , just over 6% alc/vol . Very very
    nice, glad we ...

  • Posted in thread: I'mmmm Baaaack on 09-25-2007 at 11:52 AM
    Thanks to everyone for your kind replies and the beer you tipped up in thought for my dad. I'm
    from south Australia, Australia. A long way away, but somehow, your replies have made me feel
    welcome, an...

  • Posted in thread: I'mmmm Baaaack on 09-23-2007 at 11:15 AM
    Hi people. been away for some time because of work.,,,, and a short holiday interstate to visit
    me dear ole mum after the death of my dad. Still I have to work for a living and that has taken
    up most ...

  • Posted in thread: Label water proofing ? on 08-29-2007 at 02:07 PM
    Tried the hairspray on my lables tonight. Schwarzkopf , taft. Long lasting holds in all
    conditions. STYLING LACQUER. I only gave them one coat, but a good soaking, both sides. Does
    anyone think this w...

  • Posted in thread: Dented better bottle on 08-18-2007 at 07:37 AM
    Checked out the better bottle site that Beerrific posted. Didn't mean to sound frightening,
    after all I use plastic PET bottles. You may find it interesting though to check out what they
    say. Go to te...

  • Posted in thread: Understanding ,, Where I stand ? on 08-18-2007 at 07:04 AM
    Thanks for that. I feel pretty stupid. It was on another page. The actual post I was talking
    about though, showed up at post number 15.

  • Posted in thread: Understanding ,, Where I stand ? on 08-16-2007 at 12:50 PM
    Thanks people. The post was in response to making a beer that everyone liked but the creator.
    Didn't mean to be offensive to anyone. Hope I wasn't. Just tried to be light hearted and mayby
    a bit witty...

  • Posted in thread: Dented better bottle on 08-16-2007 at 12:39 PM
    I assume we are talking plastic pet bottle's. In any event let me put you in the know about
    plastic bottles. Ever wonder why coke a cola or other soft drinks have a use by date.One of the
    reasons is t...

  • Posted in thread: Drunken French Fries on 08-15-2007 at 12:23 AM
    Home cooked are the best,,,,, if you can still stand. Don't fall asleep while cooking though.
    done that once, gut full of smoke, belly full of piss... NOT GOOD, trust me. Can't drink after
    I've eaten....

  • Posted in thread: Ever Make a Beer You Didn't Like? on 08-14-2007 at 11:59 PM
    Some of the best things need time to aquire taste. ah, drink it anyway. ..... If it was any
    good you probaly won't remember how to reproduce it......If it was no good , you'll probaly
    want to forget h...