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  • Texas
  •'s too damn hot to ferment right now
  • 3 gal Cranberry mead, 5 gal Winter Solstice Mead, 10 gal of Christmas Dragon's Blood, 2 gal Grapefruit/Juniper Mead, 1 gal Preserved Lemon/Saffron Mead, 3 gal Cherry/Chocolate/Rose wine, 5 gal Blackbriar mead, 5 gal blackberry/DME wine
  • Too many to list. Latest bottled was Hibiscus Lemonade Wine
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  • Posted in thread: Help lemon wine recipe on 08-15-2015 at 01:42 PM
    What is the recipe and how old is the wine?Be aware that wine tends to go through phases as it
    ages out.My pineapple/mango wine was almost flavorless at 9 months. Now I use it for bartering
    because th...

  • Posted in thread: Texas Mead Fest on 08-15-2015 at 01:38 PM
    Argh! How did I not know about this?The timing on it stinks though. I'll just be getting back
    from vacation and won't be able to make this one.Going to start planning for next year though.

  • Posted in thread: Winter Mead (melo-meth) on 08-15-2015 at 01:29 PM
    Quick update on this one....It's fantastic.It's good and drinkable now, but I have a feeling it
    will be out of this world in a year or two.I'm toying with the idea of adding a few oz of maple
    syrup to...

  • Posted in thread: HomeBrewSupply Amcyl Brew Kettle w/ 3-Piece Ball Valve Giveaway! on 08-15-2015 at 01:24 PM
    I'm definitely in.

  • Posted in thread: Winter Mead (melo-meth) on 04-24-2015 at 09:54 PM
    I just started a batch of this.I'm just under 5 gallons and used 1 gallon of yaupon holly
    honey.I don't have any allspice berries, but I did toss in about 1/4 of a crushed nutmeg.

  • Posted in thread: Use of concentrated flavor on 03-19-2015 at 12:31 PM
    Ahhhhh, I see.

  • Posted in thread: Use of concentrated flavor on 03-18-2015 at 04:28 PM
    Good!I can't wait to read about some of the flavors you come up with.I've got a mead I started
    in January using saffron, bay leaf, grains of paradise, and preserved lemon. We tasted it a
    couple of day...

  • Posted in thread: Use of concentrated flavor on 03-18-2015 at 02:35 PM
    Go for it.Just start slowly and add to a bit of mead in a separate container first, wait a
    week, if you like the taste, then add to the batch. Wait until fermentation is completely over
    and the batch ...

  • Posted in thread: Strawberry on 03-18-2015 at 01:31 PM
    I pitched the yeast on this 3 gallon batch yesterday.10 lbs strawberries2 lbs rhubarb1 stick
    lemongrass1 campden tablet, crushed3 T french oak powder1.5 tsp pectic enzyme@ 9 lbs honey (SG
    to 1.09)3 ga...

  • Posted in thread: How Many Gallons of Mead 2015 Edition! on 03-18-2015 at 10:32 AM
    +2 gallons grapefruit/juniper mead =227.5

Brew history on profile page under comments section
March 18, 2015  •  01:55 PM
Primary: 3 gallons Strawberry Melomel

Secondary: 6 gallons WE Triumph,
2 gallons grapefruit/juniper mead

Aging: 1 gal saffron/preserved lemon mead,
3 gals gewurtztraminer,
6 gals WE Pacific Quartet,
5 gals Black Briar Mead,
12 gallons Christmas 2015,
3 gals Ars Amatoria,
3 gals Elder Dragon,
3 gals cranberry/rosemary mead,
1 gallon petunia wine
1 gallon lemon blossom wine

Onion Wine
6 gallons Prickly pear wine
6 gallons mango/pineapple dragon's blood
6 gallons Strawberry/cranberry Dragon's Blood
6 gallons WE Pacific Quartet
6 gallons WE Oregon Pinot Noir
3 gals Fruit BOMM

umpteen gallons of various Dragon's Blood
hot pepper wine
Mezza Luna White
Elderberry Wine
Christmas 2013 wine
apple/chamomile wine

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