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  • Posted in thread: My bucket list on 08-17-2015 at 05:45 PM
    Holy crap that's a lot of beer... Most I've brewed at once was 49 gallons and that was for my
    wedding. I promised myself I'd never do that again unless it was in a brewery. I don't think I
    can do 90 t...

  • Posted in thread: Pranking my buddy on 08-13-2015 at 07:45 PM
    I went with the NA beer and dumped about 3oz of random hops I had in the fridge. Wife looked at
    me funny until I told her what I was doing. Hops where Zeus, Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra I
    believe. Sho...

  • Posted in thread: Pranking my buddy on 08-12-2015 at 04:46 PM
    Love the ideas I will let yall know which way I go with this. Love the ex lax stout idea might
    have to keep put that one in the cook book ideas. Defiantly not going to pee in a bottle
    though. I did th...

  • Posted in thread: Pranking my buddy on 08-11-2015 at 07:16 PM
    I have a good friend that's comes over to the house a lot. No big deal on that part he helps me
    brew beer and helps around the house. When he leaves he loads up an empty six pack holder of my
    beer. Go...

  • Posted in thread: Hops in the mash tun on 08-07-2015 at 01:22 PM
    Cool I might try it out pretty much when I divided all my hops out I'll have about .5oz left.
    So I was wondering if anyone has mash hopped and what the result was.

  • Posted in thread: Hops in the mash tun on 08-06-2015 at 06:14 PM
    I know someone has posted about it before I believe. Has any added hops to there grain while in
    the mash tun. I have an AG IPA I'm going to brew this weekend. Ruff estimate about 5 to 6
    gallon batch. ...

  • Posted in thread: What do you do with your spent grains? on 07-24-2015 at 05:21 PM
    Neighbor has chickens we have a deal worked out where I get some free eggs for spent grain.
    Also use some in compost. Tried making a fire log one time with it by building a mold and
    pressing it. It di...

  • Posted in thread: Better than store bought on 07-16-2015 at 03:47 PM
    I made the beer for my wedding and bought a keg of miller lite. Needless to say I wasted money
    on the keg. I had people asking to if they could take a few bottles home with them. It was
    really excitin...

  • Posted in thread: Adding Hot Peppers and molases on 07-16-2015 at 03:42 PM
    There's a brewery in Delaware called 16 mile they have a beer it's made with 4 or 5 different
    chili peppers one being a ghost chili. It will burn your mouth off if you're not expecting it.
    Taste great...

  • Posted in thread: Baltimore MD???? on 07-16-2015 at 03:18 PM
    Flying dog is pretty cool I think the kids can go with. If you do go pick up some of there
    summer ale it's made with old bay seasoning goes really good with crab.


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