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  • Posted in thread: Canned fruit wine - larger cans on 06-26-2015 at 10:52 AM
    My favorite way to sweeten wine. By the glass just before drinking! Most times I like wines
    dry, but some days its just better with a hint of sweetner. The agave works very well:-)Sent
    from my iPod to...

  • Posted in thread: Stuck fermentation? on 06-22-2015 at 01:26 PM
    No need to rack it. For that matter if there is a lot of settled seddament you may get it going
    again simply by warming it up and stirring all that settled stuff back up. The live yeast may
    just be st...

  • Posted in thread: Stuck fermentation? on 06-21-2015 at 02:17 AM
    Hmmm.... Guess your only option is to bring the temp up to 70-75 and hope that restarts
    fermentaion. And or add wine yeast. This is why most people use domestic wine yeast and not
    wild yeast. Unpredic...

  • Posted in thread: What to do with leftover liquid from soaking fruit on 06-18-2015 at 05:27 PM
    Dilute with water or juice to 1.100 and add yeast ect. Make wine! If nothing else it will make
    a nice blending wine, or cooking wine. No point in just dumping it! Sent from my iPod touch
    using Home Br...

  • Posted in thread: Stuck fermentation? on 06-18-2015 at 12:59 PM
    Yup. Stirr very well. With a long something. No need to splash or whip the crap out of it. Just
    stirr normely. Very little air will be introduced. And quite truefully a little dose of air
    would probel...

  • Posted in thread: Thirteen questions about winemaking from an experienced homebrewer on 06-17-2015 at 12:12 PM
    1- no2- no3-one yeast pkt is all you need. No other stuff needed. You can use a different type
    of wine yeast if wanted. But only wine yeast. Just Use what is given. 4- no5- racking is
    neccesary. Using...

  • Posted in thread: Stuck fermentation? on 06-17-2015 at 11:32 AM
    Add nutriants. Stirr very well. Watch for volcano effect. Hurry up and wait. My two batches of
    grape wine are also painfully slow to ferment. I have made lots if fruit wines, they ferment
    fast. These ...

  • Posted in thread: Flavoring SP? on 06-17-2015 at 11:25 AM
    Yes and all of the above. Backsweeten a sample. That may be all you need to do. Most flavorings
    add suger so just flavor a small sample. In effect, Bench trials!! Line up a bunch of glasses
    and add di...

  • Posted in thread: Maple Wine on 06-17-2015 at 11:21 AM
    Or rack into a smaller carboy. A three galleon and a one galleon. Plus whatever odd size is
    needed the the last bit. This way the bulk of it is topped up and pure. Just a small amount
    left with headsp...

  • Posted in thread: Will pulp cause off flavors in the wine? on 06-14-2015 at 05:19 PM
    When did you start this and what is the surrent sg reading? Floating pulp usually means its
    still fermenting. No need to rack yet if it is. Sent from my iPod touch using Home Brew


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