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  • how to use a conical fermenter
    If you are going to get a 1.5" or 2" valve, just go for a butterfly valve - they're easier to
    clean and probably cheaper than a ball valve at that size. And easier to find.

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    Hi Bad Wolf,A common misconception is that stainless steel is stain proof. It is not. Stainless
    steel does stain less (a lot less) than regular steel, but it can/will rust over time and/or
    with the ri...

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    This is John from Stout Tanks.We've had to replace only 2 kettles ever that couldn't be
    repaired. Unfortunately, Orange Hero got one of those. After he notified us that the repair
    didn't take, we imme...

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    Hi V.,Please send the invoice to us ASAP and we will take care of it. I'm sorry it was such an
    ordeal to get this taken care of - in other situations it has gone much smoother and quickly.
    While this ...

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    Hi TNugent,Thanks for your feedback. Nobody likes to hear unpleasant feedback, but I'd rather
    hear it than not and have someone build pent up frustration. We can deal with issues we know
    about, but we...

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    TX Joe,Please contact us about your ports. Thanks,John/Stout Tanks

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    Hi Dcou9,We found a nearby repair person for Orangehero some time ago, and recently he brought
    the tank there and the guy thought he would not be up to the job for the repair (when we
    described the is...

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    Hi Dan,It's rare that we have leaks - our warranty is 1 year and we try to get repairs taken
    care of locally. Remind us about the leak test and we will do it. Cheers,John

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    Hi Dcoux09This is John from Stout Tanks. We put the thermowell at approx. the 4 gal. level on
    the 15 gal. brew kettle. On the direct fire kettles, we do include a dial thermometer to go
    with the therm...

  • Stout Brew Kettles
    This is John from Stout Tanks again.Regarding the HERMS coil - we've sold many of these hot
    liquor tanks with the same configuration as BadWolfBrewing has without this issue. We received
    an email from...

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