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  • Posted in thread: Bottling wand for Perlick 525/75, AKA Bowie Bottler on 04-16-2011 at 10:41 PM
    I will take one please!Thanks for the great work cant wait to use it!:mug:Jim

  • Posted in thread: Complement Wand/Stopper/Tubing for the Bowie Bottler on 04-16-2011 at 10:37 PM
    Hey Irrenarzt,I'll take one of these please! Thanks for the work!:mug:Jim

  • Posted in thread: carbonation issues on 07-13-2009 at 01:42 AM
    Ok the beers were primed with 4 oz. of corn sugar into what ended up being 4.5 gallons of beer
    come time of bottling.I am just looking for decent carbonation like that I get from the
    microbrews I am u...

  • Posted in thread: carbonation issues on 07-12-2009 at 03:59 PM
    Sorry I didn't give all of the info....The batches range in age from 3 weeks to 10 weeks and
    have been in my basement which ranges in temp from 66 to 72 degrees.There is some carbonation
    but it is ver...

  • Posted in thread: carbonation issues on 07-12-2009 at 03:38 PM
    I am fairly new to homebrewing but have had some good luck with most of my beers so far. The
    first 3 batches were well carbonated with great head retention.My problem is that the last 3
    are lacking in...

  • Posted in thread: Very High OG what should I do? on 01-17-2009 at 11:43 PM
    Ok, I gave the fermenter a good swirl with out removing the blowoff, is there anything else I
    should do, or just let it sit?Thanks for the quick responses, you guys are great!Jim

  • Posted in thread: Very High OG what should I do? on 01-17-2009 at 11:11 PM
    I brewed a milk stout today and ended up with a very high OG. It was a kit with 2 pounds of
    grain 8 pounds of Extract and 8 ounces of lactose.I brewed according to directions and ended up
    with a sp gr...

  • Posted in thread: Pitching into a carboy on 12-30-2008 at 11:41 PM
    I brewed my 3rd brew today and it was the first time using a carboy as the primary. What is the
    best way to pitch dry yeast into a carboy. When I poured the wort into the carboy and topped it
    off with...

  • Posted in thread: External Thermostat on 09-16-2008 at 10:06 PM
    I just scored a free refrigerator :) and was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions for
    an external thermostat. I got the fridge to run below 32 degrees, so I would like a thermostat
    that will ...

  • Posted in thread: Fermentation Issue...advice needed! on 08-31-2008 at 02:34 PM
    First off thank you all for the help. I do have another kit beer that I will be brewing (I
    already bought it) but I will be replacing the YEAST for sure!I did check the hygrometer and it
    is right on, ...