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  • We are JaDeD Brewing
    Hey Frazeart,That really is quite the collection of chillers and very unfortunate that your
    chilling times take that long. We can definitely help get your times down. For the Hydra, we
    recommend this ...

  • Adventures in Homebrewing Economy wort chiller thoughts
    Let me save you some heart ache and disappointment as I just did what you're going to do.1st I
    bought the Hydra chiller from JadedBrewing. I had some spare cash from my B-day and after
    living in HI an...

  • Immersion Chiller Comparison (Custom JaDeD Hydra vs. Stainless 50ft 1/2")
    You're chillers are a gimmick. Any similar surface area, ground water temp and wort agitation
    is gonna yield nearly identical results. It doesn't matter how fancy you bend the pipe. Your
    chiller simpl...

  • Immersion Chiller Comparison (Custom JaDeD Hydra vs. Stainless 50ft 1/2")
    I really appreciate the time that went into testing and gathering data, I know that's not a
    small task to do tests like these. For that, thank you.It does seem though that the results
    show that there ...

  • We are JaDeD Brewing
    No worries about leaving it in during the boil, there are plenty of breweries that have copper
    boil kettles. Just make sure the chiller has the water emptied out of it or the hoses are
    hooked up so yo...

  • Help me chose chiller upgrade
    Living in Las Vegas can make chilling a 5gal batch challenging. Water at the tap has been 78F
    of late. Last Spring, I bought the JaDeD Wasp immersion chiller and used my older 3/8" copper
    immersion ch...

  • Copper naturally sanitary?
    It's not true. People that run water cooling systems in their computers tend to keep small
    coils of pure silver in their water reservoirs to suppress the growth of algae. Note that water
    blocks and ra...

  • We are JaDeD Brewing
    Out of curiosity, do the people behind JaDed have experience with water cooling PCs?Nope. We
    just got captivated by the crazy world of wort...Will I get a tracking number emailed to me
    when my order s...

  • We are JaDeD Brewing
    Thanks, I honestly didn't see that, but it still doesn't give the overall height to the
    inlet/outlet, which was my larger concern.For anyone wondering the same thing, the kettle
    height is 20" and the ...

  • We are JaDeD Brewing
    Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread, been a bit crazy lately...I was
    very impressed with my hornet! I installed quick releases on each end and to my pre-chiller. I
    ran the groun...


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