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  • Posted in thread: ECY on right now! on 11-07-2015 at 04:56 PM
    My phone notifies me when someone posts in this thread, which helps. I would have been able to
    get ECY this time had I needed any. I still got Bug County from January though. Slacking on my
    wild brewi...

  • Posted in thread: ECY34 "Dirty Dozen"--now what? on 11-07-2015 at 03:18 AM
    I used my Dirty Dozen in a "farmhouse pale ale" with citra and mosaic a month ago. Maybe I'll
    pull a sample soon and let you know how it tastes as a primary yeast in a young beer.I also
    saved some slu...

  • Posted in thread: A beer I'm considering souring on 11-01-2015 at 01:33 AM
    I wouldn't bottle a brett beer at 1.021. Too unpredictable. It would probably carbonate, and
    way over carbonate at that gravity.

  • Posted in thread: Why is Sour Mashing not talked about more? on 10-10-2015 at 04:47 AM
    Here's a mango quick-sour gose with citra dry hop. F'ing delish! I proudly wear my death to
    kettle sours shirt whenever I make a beer like this. ;)308337I posted before reading the whole
    thread and ju...

  • Posted in thread: Why is Sour Mashing not talked about more? on 10-10-2015 at 04:36 AM
    Some people might disagree with me, but I get a distinct (not good) flavor from beers where the
    bacteria has been pasteurized. Personally when I do quick sours (berliners, gose, etc.) I do no
    hops, pi...

  • Posted in thread: Flapjack Breakfast Stout (Chocolate-Coffee-Oatmeal-Maple Imperial Stout) on 10-01-2015 at 02:10 PM
    Greetings and Salutations from Korea!I'm a newbie homebrewer (third ever beer, second ever all
    grain, just went into secondary last week, and this is my first post on any beer forum), and
    I'm looking ...

  • Posted in thread: How does this pale ale recipe look? on 09-24-2015 at 02:19 PM
    I wouldn't increase the crystal, but that's just my taste. I do not like crystal malt in my hop
    forward beers. I wouldn't go over 2 oz for sure.

  • Posted in thread: What to do when you can't find the right Lovibind malt? on 09-03-2015 at 09:45 PM
    I think the small amount of chocolate in the recipe is more for color adjustment than flavor. I
    personally think cutting the amount of chocolate malt like you said is the best and simplest

  • Posted in thread: lowest OG for insanely hoppy IPA? on 09-01-2015 at 01:48 PM
    Just mash higher, use some flaked oats, wheat, or rye for body, and a flavorful base malt. I do
    think that you get quicker diminishing returns with hops in a low gravity beer. I wouldn't do a
    6 oz dry...

  • Posted in thread: Looking for feedback on hoppy red ale on 08-28-2015 at 09:11 PM
    Way too much caramel malt for my taste. How sweet do you want it to be?


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