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  • Posted in thread: Yeast still good? on 09-10-2008 at 12:01 AM
    I have never had good luck with White Labs lager yeast. It either doesn't ferment all the way
    or ends up tasting funny. A packet of dry Saflager pitched directly into the wort has always
    worked out gr...

  • Posted in thread: barley wine needs repitching? on 08-19-2008 at 08:58 PM
    So I have a starter growing.....There is a lot of crap on the bottom of the carboy.Do I rack
    and repitch or do I toss the yeast on top of all the old stuff?

  • Posted in thread: barley wine needs repitching? on 08-15-2008 at 11:07 PM
    What will the wine yeast do to the flavor? I'd like it to get a little lower gravity, but it
    tastes about right as it sits (seems I made a slightly more bitter Bigfoot).

  • Posted in thread: barley wine needs repitching? on 08-12-2008 at 01:50 AM
    Made a partial mash barley wine, OG 1.105, 120 IBU! (planned on letting it sit for a long time
    anyway)After 3 weeks primary on WL Edinburgh yeast, it seems kinda pooped out at 1.038.If I am
    going to r...

  • Posted in thread: Lager questions on 08-01-2008 at 03:40 PM
    Thanks. I don't use any chlorine bleach, I uber-filter my water, and rinse everything before
    the wort hits it.Here's to hoping it goes away with time.

  • Posted in thread: Lager questions on 08-01-2008 at 04:44 AM
    I've made a light american style lager recently, other than the gravity never going below
    1.020, it worked out fine, ended up tasting perfect and carbonating perfectly.
    Bud-mil-pabst-ener in a brown b...

  • Posted in thread: Serious Question (Broken Thermometer in Beer) on 07-29-2008 at 01:54 AM
    With all of these things breaking....doesn't anyone else use a digital thermometer? I always
    use my automotive multimeter with a Type K thermocouple in the kitchen. Easy to sanitize, never
    going to br...

  • Posted in thread: large bottles on 07-24-2008 at 04:31 AM
    When I pour a pint it is usually a little ways below the rim. Thus the 22 ouncer has some
    waste. I really prefer to sit with a few friends and fill everyone's glass at once, but do not
    want to deal wi...

  • Posted in thread: large bottles on 07-23-2008 at 10:27 PM
    Where to get large bottles for homebrewing?22 oz is too big for one glass, too small for 2
    glasses.I have some 32 oz bottles someone gave me that are almost perfect, about 2 1/2 glasses
    per bottle.I'd...

  • Posted in thread: Newbie on 07-23-2008 at 10:17 PM
    Fankhauser's page is pretty good, but I don't agree with using Junket. It just doesn't give you
    the same results. Plus he doesn't (unless he's added more) get into the more detailed aspects
    of the pH ...

Primary: CAP, barley wine Secondary: strawberry mead Bottled: hoppy pale ale, CAP, high gravity lager, barley wine, bay leaf mead Waxed: Cheddar, peccorino romano Garage: 400-hp Isuzu Impulse, 150lb heavy bag