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12-09-2006 11:35 PM


  • Posted in thread: Holiday Cheer... on 11-02-2006 at 07:46 PM
    yea, adding vanilla with 55 minutes remaining really seems like a waste - all those aromatics
    probably just boiled off. adding more would probably be a good idea, if you want some of that

  • Posted in thread: Mashing with too much water on 11-02-2006 at 07:43 PM
    from what i read in "principles of brewing science," a thinner mash will promote amylase (so
    you'll get a more fermentable wort) but inhibits proteinase reactions - so you might have more
    protein haze...

  • Posted in thread: Maple Wine on 10-18-2006 at 08:49 PM
    do you think adding some acid or tannins would have improved it, or is it perfect as-is?

  • Posted in thread: Earl Grey Tea wine not clearing. on 10-18-2006 at 07:04 PM
    so it's kind of like a hard iced tea?

  • Posted in thread: All this talk of Pumpkin Ale... Recipe Wanted! on 08-29-2006 at 02:08 AM
    I hit 1.055, here. It's been a week in the fermenter and it's still pretty cloudy. How long did
    it take for peoples' to clear?

  • Posted in thread: please not another pumpkin ale recipe! on 08-21-2006 at 03:36 AM
    i'm not too concerned about clarity, so i might do a week of primary, a week of secondary, and
    then bottle.ideally, i'd like to be able to have this one through halloween, but make
    adjustments to the ...

  • Posted in thread: please not another pumpkin ale recipe! on 08-20-2006 at 08:58 PM
    Here's what I wound up brewing:4 lbs 2-row5 lbs munich malt.75 lbs victory1 lb
    carapilspumpkin:5 14oz cans of pumpkin, caramelized, added at the beginning of the 90 minute
    boil1 14oz can added directl...

  • Posted in thread: please not another pumpkin ale recipe! on 08-14-2006 at 02:34 PM
    Sorry to add to the proliferation of threads on the topic, but I wanted to throw out the recipe
    I've been working on and get some input on it:5 lbs munich (can anyone give me a good run-down
    on the di...

  • Posted in thread: The Mash or Boil Pumpkin Debate Continues on 08-01-2006 at 10:32 PM
    i'm looking at your recipe, chimone, and it doesn't say how big the cans were. how much pumpkin
    are we talking (in pounds) here?how much would you cut the nutmeg down: one tablespoon? or down
    to more ...

  • Posted in thread: krausening on 07-29-2006 at 09:17 PM
    from the website of a south african microbrewer i met while i was over there (makes a great
    altbier!):KrauseningThe traditional German KraŘsening method involves adding 10% actively
    fermenting wort at...