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  • Posted in thread: Swmbo wants a ctz ipa recp check on 11-19-2016 at 11:29 AM
    The grain bill looks good, I like the hop choice but would change the timing. I start chilling
    with a whirlpool at flameout, so I would skip the 5 min add 3 oz at flameout chill to 190 and
    it settles ...

  • Posted in thread: What to look for in a microscope for observing yeasts and bacterias? on 11-16-2016 at 12:23 PM
    The lens is touching the oil and I think it makes things clearer. Not a micro dude,but i did
    stay at a Hoiday Inn Express.....LOL. Took a course at local collage and the professor
    suggested the 400 to...

  • Posted in thread: What to look for in a microscope for observing yeasts and bacterias? on 11-15-2016 at 12:45 PM
    You need a 400x for counting yeast and 1000x oil immersion for bacteria. A brightfield that is
    110v powered is what I use. Got it from Science and surplus for 350$. Not as good of optics as
    the more e...

  • Posted in thread: Can I fortify bottle carbonated beer? on 10-29-2016 at 12:04 PM
    So the end product is to your expectations most take 100 ml of beer and add 1 ml of flavor
    changer at a time, tasting as you go, then when at desired level you can do simple math to get
    the perfect am...

  • Posted in thread: Starter and High Krausen on 10-29-2016 at 11:54 AM
    when that happens to me, I leave mine at ambient temps for 12-24 hrs(per Chris White) and then
    crash in kegerator to decant. Then I add about 6-8 oz of fresh wort and it's at krausen stage
    in 1 or 2 h...

  • Posted in thread: 10 gallon lager starter question on 10-29-2016 at 11:26 AM
    Not for 10 gal. my lager starters are 1500ml and I pitch that on 2.5 gal and then lager and keg
    it and repitch that on 10 gal. I say make small brews instead of large starters!

  • Posted in thread: Which dry yeast should I use? on 10-28-2016 at 12:33 PM
    Not a good idea to lower the temp at the end of fermentation. 68* is kinda high for a german
    ale so I would let it ride there for a couple days to clean anything up.

  • Posted in thread: OOPS... I have a sour ale! What happened?!?!?!? on 10-28-2016 at 12:25 PM
    If your kettle has a weldless fitting I would suspect that, and add a ball valve to it and your
    screwed as far as sanitizing it. I took apart my valve for the first time(now ~4 times a year)
    and found...

  • Posted in thread: Mash Tun question on 10-20-2016 at 12:12 PM
    I knew someone would say BIAB... I tried and can not get efficiencies that are consistant. It
    always ranges from 55% to 70% at best. Very hard to stick the recipe when you don't know how
    its going to ...

  • Posted in thread: Stuck fermentation help! on 10-18-2016 at 12:36 PM
    when you make a beer with a lot of specialty grains it will finish high because of all the long
    chain sugars so you need to mash in the 154 156 range, and depending on the yeast it should end
    around 1...

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