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  • Started out with a kit from the store, didn't turn out right
    decided one day i was going to try again , so here i am.

    Making good beer thanks to all the people and resources on HBT

    All Grain + kegs ... growing hops, whats next?
  • I want to brew some trappest westmall beers
  • ales
  • lagers
  • sometimes for special occasions.
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  • Posted in thread: Need cheap Stainless Steel SS parts and fittings on 01-18-2012 at 01:25 AM
    Need sources for cheap stainless steel parts and fittings used in all the projects here? /w
    part numbers :D where is a cheap source for the SS washers that fit 1/2" npt used on boil

  • Posted in thread: Any Cheap Source for Stainless Compression Fittings? on 01-17-2012 at 01:34 AM
    I'm also searching for cheap SS fittings i found this: (Be aware I never purchased from this
    site before)

  • Posted in thread: Scented Oxy-Clean OK on glass? on 04-07-2010 at 07:16 AM
    regular oxyclean will leave a smell on plasticsso will dishwasher soap powder ...i used them
    once.... and only oncehowever oxyclean works well in the dishwasher .... not that that has
    anything to do w...

  • Posted in thread: Questions about Tannins on 04-07-2010 at 07:03 AM
    get a filter - costs like 40 bucks ... carbon filtermy city water tasts fine too , and its
    clear but i still filter the water i drink and brew with ... why not?

  • Posted in thread: What do you do with your beer? on 02-11-2010 at 10:28 AM
    uhh D: partys with friends with huge livers

  • Posted in thread: How do you keep the gunk out of the fermenter? on 12-01-2009 at 04:07 AM
    Edit (re-read the post) +1 for pellets in the mesh bagGet a good cold crashHaving a dip tube
    going to the bottom for your kettle , or to the side helps keep the gunk out.

  • Posted in thread: aluminum stock pot turned black? on 12-01-2009 at 03:55 AM
    So discoloration is normal.No need to worry about it , it is actually needed to seal the
    pot.Clean lightly and brew as planedGot it , Thanks :mug:

  • Posted in thread: aluminum stock pot turned black? on 11-30-2009 at 08:05 PM
    ok so should i scrub it with an abrasive pad , or gently wash it with a rag and boil in it a
    few more times? ... to get it ready to brew in?

  • Posted in thread: aluminum stock pot turned black? on 11-30-2009 at 08:01 PM
    how should i go about cleaning it?

  • Posted in thread: aluminum stock pot turned black? on 11-30-2009 at 07:55 PM
    I boiled some water in a new alluminum 30qt stockpot it turned the entire inside with a black
    like soot? is this normal? looks bad.

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