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  • Married w/ kids. I'm in my 40's not 30 as my bio states... I never put my real birthdate into online forums. I'm kinda paranoid that way.
  • Homebrewing &
    Saltwater Fishing
  • Don
  • Traditional Hawaiian
  • How I got here:
    Homebrewing about 7-8 years; I started after my brother returned a gift of a Homebrewing setup I'd given him for Christmas. He explained he wouldn't take the time to learn. I tackled it and have been hooked ever since.

    How much I brew:
    Only brew about 5-7 five-gallon batches per year. I'm an All- Grain brewer w/ moderate understanding of techniques and the art & science of beer making.

    I have a 10-gallon Polarware brewpot w/ a false bottom, a converted 10-gallon Igloo Drink Cooler (w/ a cpvc manifold) as my Mash Tun, and a converted 5-Gallon Igloo Drink Cooler as my Lauter Tun. I cool wort w/ an immersion chiller, but hope to upgrade that to a pump/plate chiller soon. I use both a hydrometer and a refractometer. I use glass carboys (5 and 6 gallon) to ferment, and almost always do both primary and secondary ferments (I know, old school). I have the equipment to keg, but I still bottle condition... I like it that way for now.

    What I brew
  • 2010 Belgian Blond
  • 2010 Barleywine (my own concoction). Started just shy of 1.100 and currently is at 1.019.

    Mole Porter (that's Mo-lay not the animal). It'll get an infusion of ancho chile tea at bottling soon. Tasted the sample a few days ago and the chocolate and coffee tones are perfect.
  • My last few 2007 Barleywines... they are fantastic now.

    Recently bottled APA.

    A few holdovers: A Scotch Ale, a few Spruce Tip Ales and maybe som Rye-PA.
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  • Corvallis
  • Oregon


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    she crab

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