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  • I brew gluten-free beer exclusively (about to experiment with Gluten-reduced via Clarity Ferm). I didn't drink much beer when I didn't know I had gluten intolerance, so I'm not well-versed on traditional styles and flavors.
  • Brewing,historical martial arts,gardening,aquaria,and so on.
  • I started homebrewing about three years ago after seeing some folks doing a brewing demonstration at a renaissance faire and tasting some of their ciders and meads. So far I've only (successfully) made gluten-free beers, as my ciders didn't turn out well. I did a fair amount of research online a few years back and devoured what little was available about gluten-free (gf) brewing and then got substantial assistance from Jon Plise of More Beer. My 6th and 7th batches are/were gluten-free brewing kits sent to me by More Beer to test out.
  • I am intrigued by the possibility of brewing reduced-gluten beers that would be safe for me to drink. This would so dramatically increase the brewing options open to me, so that I can try other styles of beer than the few that I can ape with sorghum malt. I am also planning to try at ciders again and branch out into mead.
  • More Beer GF Amber Ale; More Beer GF Light Ale
  • Erin's IPA (GF)
  • German-Invasion House-Party Ale
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  • Posted in thread: The Lazy Man's GF Beer on 11-19-2012 at 11:21 PM
    Hi All, just to amplify and clarify on the cautions given above, **Gluten-Reduced still has all
    the Hordein in it**. If you have Celiac disease (like me), there is no benefit to you from
    clarity-ferm ...