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  • Brewing beer,building computers,and drinking beer.
  • Selling wire rope and other rigging hardware to use for heavy lifting.
  • I've been into beer since I was 15, my dad would share beer with me. I worked 5 years for a brewery in Michigan, doing everything from serving beer as a beer tender to washing & filling kegs, I spent 3 years six packing beer in cans. I love to drink a good, smooth beer, I'm not up for strong hopiness, but definitely not super sweet either. Give me a well balanced beer, blonde, amber, pale, pils, and I'll drink it all day long. My brew setup was a half barrel keg along with a 10 gallon cooler and 5 gallon buckets for the past year. As of today I now am using a a single tier tri-keggle brewhouse with 2 pumps, nearly all stainless hardware and plan to improve it over time.
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  • BCS 462 , 4 element, 3 pump, 2 x 50amp circuits
    Just shot you a PM. I haven't had a chance to run browse HBT much, but this caught my
    eye.Here's the panel built using a stainless steel box: hoping someone can help me work out
    the initial wiring s...

  • eBrewSupply - Electric Brewing Hardware Opening Soon
    Just started a new thread. CYBERMONDAY is the code for today only, coupon is good for 5% off
    anything in the store except BCS Temperature control units.

  • Electric Brewing Supply Cyber Monday 2013
    Today only. Take 5% off your order with coupon code: CYBERMONDAY BCS Temperature control

  • Glycol chiller build
    Ultimately I went with 2 plate chillers in my setup. I have a Keg Cowboy 50 plate running with
    the Texas tap water, which gets my boiling wort down to about 100, then from that I go into a
    40 plate ch...

  • eBrewsupply Black Thursday/Friday Special
    Electric Brewing Supply is excited to announce our LIMITED QUANTITIES, Holiday special.There
    will only be 4 packages total, available at the discount price, starting on Turkey day at 8pm
    Central Stand...

  • Ebrewsupply 30a 2 element / 2 pid kit
    No, the wiring is different. Compare the schematics with the white papers that came with the
    PID. powered up. Came out great!Looks sharp CoalCracker. :rockin:

  • Ebrewsupply 30a 2 element / 2 pid kit
    Thanks, I guess the schematic was updated since you bought yours because the new one uses 2362
    PIDs.Also, there is still a lot of yellow on there, but the schematic has 11 different pages so
    you can s...

  • Ebrewsupply 30a 2 element / 2 pid kit
    I fell victim to GoDaddy DNS failure. CoalCracker, I based parts of my build on Tiber_Brews
    here: I have had a few other server issues, but those were on my side earlier. I'll be making
    changes soon...

  • My all new electric BCS-460 brewery
    so i made some quick changes. decided to add another DPDT for the estop instead of the
    grounding way.P-J any help with the diagram would be greatly appreciated (PLEASE)Looks pretty
    good as you have it...

  • My all new electric BCS-460 brewery
    thanks for the suggestion. i also found another method on Kal's website.Any suggestions on how
    to wire in the resistors? or where to get them from?Honestly, never looked for them. I'm not a
    big fan of...