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  • Posted in thread: Mash tun on 11-25-2014 at 03:28 AM
    For making wort a cylindrical cooler is superior to a rectangular cooler because you can get a
    thicker grain bed with a cylindrical cooler but both will work fine (cylindrical cooler also
    takes up mor...

  • Posted in thread: So, Jaybird false bottoms work pretty good... on 11-23-2014 at 02:37 AM
    WOW! That is amazing. Looks like it for the trub and hops.

  • Posted in thread: cider gravity question on 11-10-2014 at 05:06 AM
    I would add nutrient I'd you didn't before and swirl the carboy again. What temp is it at now?

  • Posted in thread: Is this safe? on 11-03-2014 at 01:59 AM
    CO2 is heavier than air so it will go out under a garage door if you leave it open a foot or
    so. Now if yiu have flammable like an open gas can or something you should have the door open
    that much.

  • Posted in thread: Induction Cooktops that can support 6.5 gallons of wort? on 10-27-2014 at 03:01 AM
    I doesn't have to actually sit on the buyer to work so you could just make a stand that holds
    the weight and makes the bottom of the kettle very close to the element. Blocks if wood would
    work too.

  • Posted in thread: Too much headspace in carboy? on 10-27-2014 at 02:42 AM
    Fermentation crates CO2, which heavier is than air, so within a few hours there is a layer CO2
    covering and protecting the beer. So long as you are not moving or sloshing your carboy the
    liklihood of ...

  • Posted in thread: Guide to set internal chest freezer thermostat to >32F; Eliminate external control on 10-16-2014 at 03:54 AM
    Yes you can replace it with a temp controller easy. That is what I did and it makes it a fridge
    or freezer depending on what you need it for. The wiring is pretty easy too.

  • Posted in thread: Fruit Flys in Taps? on 09-09-2014 at 01:19 AM
    You must be in eastern Oregon because we are having huge fruit fly issues the last couple of
    days. I have my kegerator in the garage and last year had a problem with ear wigs in my beer
    took me a few ...

  • Posted in thread: The Ultimate Sanke Fermentor on 09-06-2014 at 06:15 AM
    Dert, where did you get the little tube thing for the top of a snake? Do you use it for
    cleaning or fermentation?

  • Posted in thread: STC-1000 temp. controller wiring confusion on 09-01-2014 at 06:14 AM
    I replaced the thermostat in my freezer with the STC-1000. Makes it a refrigerator - freezer or
    anything in between with the push of a button. It was pretty easy too.


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