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09-21-2006 6:35 PM


  • Posted in thread: "Yeasty" taste on 09-21-2006 at 06:34 PM
    Very helpful indeed. I think you're probably dead on, as I myself always have a problem letting
    the beer sit in the secondary for long.

  • Posted in thread: Anything I can use instead of a grain bag? on 09-21-2006 at 06:29 PM
    Loose grain and then a kitchen strainer has always worked good for me, I think you get more out
    of the grain that way, too.

  • Posted in thread: "Yeasty" taste on 09-20-2006 at 06:13 AM
    I'm about four or five batches into the hobby and I can't help but notice that each batch of
    mine has what I would call a distinct yeast taste. It doesn't bother me at all, I like my beer,
    but since I...

  • Posted in thread: Flat beer bummer on 08-23-2006 at 10:24 PM
    Only carbonation problems I've had before I think I ended up being able to blame on the
    bottles. I use a wing capper, which I think most of us guys (especially new to the hobby) have.
    I've used a lot ...

  • Posted in thread: "Polycarbonate", a mysterious beast on 08-22-2006 at 05:46 AM
    I work in a health food store, which means that I deal with people on a daily basis who are
    terrified that they are being poisoned by plastic. Don't worry, they'll be fine. One solution
    that these hem...