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  • Posted in thread: Why bother with carboys and blow-off tubes? on 08-29-2014 at 02:01 AM
    I had 6 glass carboys, and I always handled them carefully. I had several in my garage and one
    broke somehow. No beer was involved. I think my son hit it with the push mower. What surprised
    me was how...

  • Posted in thread: Ithaca Flower Power Clone on 07-04-2014 at 03:40 AM
    I just flush with water and swirl around. It does take awhile to get them out. The hops were in
    for 7-8 days, then cold crashed two days. After the cold crash most fell to the bottom. A lot
    of the hop...

  • Posted in thread: 2 kegs different carb results on 07-03-2014 at 02:48 AM
    The fridge is at around 39 degrees, I think I will leave them at 12 psi. I just thought it was
    strange to see basically the same beer at identical pressure carb so differently.

  • Posted in thread: Ithaca Flower Power Clone on 07-03-2014 at 02:41 AM
    I have brewed this many times. I did back to back batches with my twin bro. I used 15 lbs of 2
    row , half pound of honey malt and 4 ounces of c20L. The first batch had an OG of 1.069 and the
    second 1....

  • Posted in thread: 2 kegs different carb results on 07-03-2014 at 01:22 AM
    Both kegs have the same volume of beer. Both were carbed off of the same tank with a T fitting.
    30 psi for one day, then both were at 12 for 4.5 days now. They both are the same recipe, but
    brewed bac...

  • Posted in thread: DIY element guard on the cheap on 05-23-2014 at 01:43 AM
    One thing to consider, a 2" triclover cap is pretty thick. Once you put a gasket on the element
    there may not be much room for a nut. Better to get a cap with threads cut into it.

  • Posted in thread: Minimum space required on 04-08-2014 at 02:20 AM
    The electrical panel looks pretty packed. From the photo, it looks like there are 7 240 volt
    breakers already in the panel, which I can't imagine what they all are for. The top two on the
    right, and t...

  • Posted in thread: Heating Element and Wort on 04-07-2014 at 01:07 AM
    Using you theory, wouldn't the first few millimeters of a direct fired kettle also be above 212
    degrees? You should clean an element after every brew, usually quite easy just using a green

  • Posted in thread: What gauge electrical cord for element on 04-07-2014 at 12:42 AM
    10 guage is correct, can handle 30 amps. watts/volts =amps. 5500/240=22.92 amps. However, I
    think you want the SSR controlled pid #SYL 2352. You can run a single PID with both elements,
    PJ has a diagr...

  • Posted in thread: A Keg as a Urinal on 04-06-2014 at 04:58 AM
    The circle of beer. From keg, back to keg. Located at the Elevator 13th floor taproom, not the
    restaurant, only open on Saturdays.

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