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  • Posted in thread: Question about harvesting yeast on 09-16-2014 at 01:41 AM
    Whether it is quick or slow depends on the temp and strain. For S04 at 9.5C two weeks is about
    right. At that point you have a tiny batch of beer on top of the yeast and they are better off
    if you dec...

  • Posted in thread: Question about harvesting yeast on 09-15-2014 at 09:09 PM
    Yeast live longest in wort, not beer or water.Just so we are all aware... If you try to store
    your yeast in wort, it quickly becomes beer.:mug:

  • Posted in thread: Water or vodka in airlock? on 09-09-2014 at 01:20 AM
    I use Starsan. Related to that, I "know a guy" who forgot to pull the hose from his blow off up
    and when he crash cooled his beer it sucked at least a cup of starsan back into the carboy. The
    beer car...

  • Posted in thread: The Home Made Pizza Thread on 08-21-2014 at 07:36 AM
    Maybe it does, but it tasted awesome!

  • Posted in thread: The Home Made Pizza Thread on 08-20-2014 at 06:31 AM
    Here's my trick for pizza on the grill.... put 3 or four empty soup cans on the grill and place
    your stone on top of them. This gets the pizza up into the top of the grill where the heat is.
    I always ...

  • Posted in thread: what does this mean on 07-28-2014 at 08:21 PM
    Judging from the vinyl tubing in the background of the picture, it looks like he has a blowoff
    in place. Good thing, because he's going to need it.

  • Posted in thread: Thermowell vs Taping Probe to Outside on 07-13-2014 at 04:57 PM
    Sounds like you need a Brewpi. Controlling the overshoot Is what it was built for. Because it
    is PID driven, it learns your system and turns the fridge (or heater) off prior to reaching
    your set point...

  • Posted in thread: Adding to RO water on 06-20-2014 at 09:31 PM
    I tried to get into building water profiles, then realized how much actual science is involved.
    :confused:I recommend starting here: Brewing Water Primer and consider how involved you want to
    get. It ...

  • Posted in thread: 1-Gallon Brewers UNITE! on 06-20-2014 at 03:55 PM
    Ok, dry yeast t58 rehydrated plenty of yeast, sg 1.064, fermented in the 70's, 1week
    fermentation - pretty standard stuff and process I use for 5-10 gallon batches which always
    attenuate. That's why i...

  • Posted in thread: 1-Gallon Brewers UNITE! on 06-19-2014 at 03:29 PM
    It's doubtful that the shape of the fermenter is causing it not to attenuate. You don't mention
    the temperature you fermented at, the o.g. of the beer, starter or not, or length of
    fermentation. My be...