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  • Posted in thread: "Other" benefits to homebrewing on 04-16-2015 at 07:33 PM
    You all bring up good points, but you're missing one of the most important "other" benefits:
    Homebrewers will be indispensable in the post-apocalyptic era. Unfortunately for me, the
    all-grain brewers ...

  • Posted in thread: Homebrewing Needs a Woman's Touch on 02-19-2015 at 06:45 PM
    My brewing partner, Felicia, easily brews twice as often as me and is quite involved in the
    local homebrew club. I definitely feel like Southern Oregon is very accepting of women in the
    homebrew and c...

  • Posted in thread: Kit brewing on 02-18-2015 at 08:19 PM
    My LHBS releases monthly "kits" that they put together in store with fresh ingredients. I've
    been brewing for two years, and still rely heavily on the recipes that come with the kits.

  • Posted in thread: Priming with Wort? on 01-12-2015 at 06:40 PM
    Both of these can be helpful when using DME or wort to prime your beer.

  • Posted in thread: What did Santa bring you? on 12-29-2014 at 08:25 PM
    My in-laws got me one of those sweet wooden six-pack holders with an opener attached to the
    side. They even shelled out to have "Marino Brews, est. 2014" engraved onto it. One less thing
    that I have t...

  • Posted in thread: How to add orange, woodchips and coriander on 11-26-2014 at 08:15 PM
    How much bourbon did you add? I added 10 oz to a 5 gal batch, the recipe I used called for
    1.5-2.5 oz/gal, so I just shot for the middle. I made an extract recipe from my LHBS, and used
    the guidelines...

  • Posted in thread: How to add orange, woodchips and coriander on 11-26-2014 at 06:46 PM
    I made a vanilla bourbon porter this summer, and I just split and scraped 2 vanilla beans and
    threw everything in secondary and racked on top of it. Turned out GREAT. The bourbon was added
    at bottling...

  • Posted in thread: Why do you home brew? on 11-17-2014 at 08:25 PM
    It's like playing mad scientist, and when it's all done you get BEER! I'm a goof and a
    tinkerer, I love the intricate interactions throughout the process, from the biological action
    done by the maltin...

  • Posted in thread: West Coasters Help!!!! on 11-17-2014 at 08:14 PM
    I saw an article (forget where) that as Russian River is undergoing some upgrades, they are
    contracting Firestone Brewing of Paso Robles, CA to brew Pliny for them. This may account for
    it being MORE ...

  • Posted in thread: CO2 Volume Threshold? on 11-17-2014 at 06:44 PM
    Samuel Smith bottles are VERY thick, although at 550 mL (18.7 fl oz), they're kind of an
    oddball size. I imagine they can handle about as much carbonation as you can throw at them.