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  • Posted in thread: A few random things this noob has learned along the way. on 03-25-2014 at 03:29 AM
    After 125 batches., Whirlfloc is good. I have not found if a stir plate is bang for buck worth
    it yet but I only do 5g batches (some award winners).Kegs save time but it's harder to have 5
    to 7 styles...

  • Posted in thread: NO Honey flavor in my can I add some now? on 03-23-2014 at 09:07 PM
    Honey malt, it's patterned after German Bruhmalt. I've used it once and it was pretty darn
    good. But you can't add it afterword!

  • Posted in thread: skipping secondary, keeping in primary on 03-23-2014 at 09:04 PM
    I keep my dark beers in the primary for 3+ week and my lighter color brews I transfer into a
    secondary for clear better PLUS it frees up a 6g carboy. There are all sorts of rules that can
    be broken. C...

  • Posted in thread: Aftertaste too short on 03-23-2014 at 08:57 PM
    Damn you dyqik - you beat me too it. It's all about the water chemistry. What are you using for
    water?? Tap water? RO? Distilled? From the lake outside your home? Speaking of aftertaste I
    believe Rogu...

  • Posted in thread: Saison - Any tips on brewign this style? on 03-18-2014 at 09:40 PM
    The fish tank heater trick works great doesn't it? Very easy to control temps.too easy to play
    wit hit LOL and my cat loves the water!

  • Posted in thread: Saison - Any tips on brewign this style? on 03-18-2014 at 01:54 PM
    I have a Saison brewing (actually two) and I hear "slowly raise the temp from 70F to middle
    80s".Whats the time frame on this. It's been fermenting for about 14 hours now and I have it
    from 70 to abou...

  • Posted in thread: Any real life brewers? on 03-15-2014 at 04:01 AM
    I am involved with a brewery but beware - it will go from a fun hobby to a 7 day a week job in
    no time. I helped open a brew pub, not a fancy place, more like an island brew pub if you get
    my drift. T...

  • Posted in thread: adding bourbon at bottle stage on 03-14-2014 at 11:06 PM
    OR - just drink the bourbon and have a beer chaser :-) OH - you question. Why not - try it and
    let us know! YOu can experiment with how many drops of bourbon works best. They you would have
    an idea fo...

  • Posted in thread: Priming Sugar Mishap on 03-14-2014 at 03:12 AM
    You won't even notice it at all. Just a bit more alcohol. But you will need more priming sugar.
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  • Posted in thread: Bitter not very bitter -what to do on 03-09-2014 at 08:06 PM
    You got about 36 IBUs going on so you are in the ball park for en English bitter (??)When did
    you taste it?? Has it fermented yet? at bottling? It will change a LOT when completely
    fermented. You can ...

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