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  • Posted in thread: Tricks to getting rid of that yeast flavor? on 06-14-2011 at 07:14 PM
    i had the same issue, first 3 batches all tastes the same even though they were different
    styles. My solution was to switch to dry yeast and control the temp better. Do not order liquid
    yeast through ...

  • Posted in thread: How Much Money Is There To Be Saved? on 05-16-2011 at 05:27 PM
    14 bucks a six pack?? Who brews it, God?14$ for a 4 pack of St.Bernardus ABT12, and its damn

  • Posted in thread: How Much Money Is There To Be Saved? on 05-16-2011 at 04:34 PM
    a 4 pack cost me about 10$ at the store, so when i can bring the price down to about 1$ per 12
    ounce serving, its not bad, but im also leaving out the cost of water, propane and ice for
    chilling wort.

  • Posted in thread: It's all nice at first when friends and family like your beer... on 04-27-2011 at 07:45 PM
    This past weekend i had some family over, knowing they are all BMC types, i grab an 18 of bud
    light for them to drink. I get home with the 18 and my girl had already poured them a glass
    each(3 people)...

  • Posted in thread: Anyone in Miami or South Florida?!?!? on 04-21-2011 at 05:11 PM
    I was thumbing through the latest BYO and noticed brewbox miami was listed there. I was curious
    if anybody has been to their new location by the falls. If so how is it? School is almost done
    and I'm p...

  • Posted in thread: Anyone in Miami or South Florida?!?!? on 03-09-2011 at 06:05 PM
    Brew Box is a good store, i found it a few months ago and have pretty much stopped ordering
    from online stores. Being able to get fresh yeast that hasnt had to sit in a hot truck for days
    is great. Al...

  • Posted in thread: Austin Homebrew is the best on 03-07-2011 at 05:55 PM
    I had a fraud on my card too, someone was trying to charge 800$ in Spain, and they had to
    cancel my card since it was compromised. I had to go in before work to the bank and get a new
    one, but not bef...

  • Posted in thread: Lagering at 41 F? Frozen lager question... on 02-16-2011 at 05:23 PM
    Ive frozen a lager of mine, well it slushed like yours did and it still turned out great. i
    stopped worrying about trying to get mine down to 36f or so after that. let it ferment at 50 or
    so, then bri...

  • Posted in thread: Chocolate Espresso Stout on 12-08-2010 at 09:42 PM
    I live in south Florida and got the best cuban coffee every where, can't wait to try this for 4
    cups of cuban espresso.

  • Posted in thread: Just ordered my kegerator kit on 11-22-2010 at 05:46 PM
    1 to be exact. 2 cornies, 2 tap tower, 5lb CO2 tank. Im pretty excited. I already have a
    cornie at home that i filled this past weekend with some munich helles, cant wait to hook it up
    and drink the...