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  • I'm a graphic designer and college professor with a nice family, plenty of happiness. I love the snow and cold weather but where I live, it never snows and never gets very cold.
  • Golf,XBox 360,Guitar,Yardwork,Music
  • Advertising Designer for a major magazine in N. Ca., I teach digital art, and do improv comedy.
  • Gregory L. Reason
  • 80s, 90s, and early 2000s everything except country.
  • The Hangover, Wedding Crashers, Indiana Jones (the first 3), all Terminators, all George Clooneyless
  • The Office, House, Pawn Stars, Cops, How It's Made, 30 Rock, Archer, The Daily Show, Chappelle Show.
  • It all started in 2008 with a garage sale two houses down. The guy bought a Mr. Beer kit and never used it. I bought it for $5 dollars. These days I'm going outside of the Mr. Beer realm and into more flexible recipes, equipment, and techniques. This is why I'm here. To learn and be impressed by those who have been brewing many years. Think of me as a young jedi.

    My most ambitious brews were my honey & blueberry stout in early 2010, and my holiday brew with cinnamon and vanilla. The wife wanted nothing to do with them. Friends loved it.
  • St. Nick's Dirty Stout - ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, & vanilla
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  • Posted in thread: Infusing a fruit on 06-11-2011 at 04:30 PM
    Definitely don't want to start out with rotten strawberries as I did. Throw them in ripe and
    frozen. I heard it helps even better if crushed or mashed too. Sorry you had to witness that
    OP. Online irr...

  • Posted in thread: First taste -- cucumber wheat on 06-10-2011 at 11:25 PM
    You made this beer quick. Seems like almost two quick to be just under 3 weeks. Think I'll give
    it a try.

  • Posted in thread: Infusing a fruit on 06-10-2011 at 09:02 PM
    Um yeah this has gotten pretty stupid. Passive-aggression is strong with drathbone. Freezing
    doesn't sanitize fruit, I never said that it does. Gotta love skewing perception in order to
    get it to fit ...

  • Posted in thread: Keezer on 06-10-2011 at 07:01 PM
    I know the photos don't show great detail but the front without sanding or staining looks f-ing
    great already. I'm sure it'll look even better with the stain on it. I'm surprised that someone

  • Posted in thread: "A Case of Good Judgment" on 06-10-2011 at 06:53 PM
    That think looks like a can of brake fluid.

  • Posted in thread: Infusing a fruit on 06-10-2011 at 06:25 PM
    ^ wow you managed to draw a ton of conclusions about my process from my 4 sentence reply to the
    OP. Probably unneeded for you to do that and slightly irrational to make those assumptions.
    Feel free to...

  • Posted in thread: Infusing a fruit on 06-10-2011 at 12:09 AM
    I would be careful about freezing. Not all bacteria is killed by freezing temps, much like
    yeast they simply go dormant until heated back up. I would pasteurize or soak in alcohol to
    prevent infection...

  • Posted in thread: Lock for my fridges... on 06-09-2011 at 10:07 PM
    I think a trip to the gun store is in order too......I think a trip to the Fridge-Boobie-Trap
    store is in order as well.

  • Posted in thread: Infusing a fruit on 06-09-2011 at 09:45 PM
    Chopping it into smaller pieces depends on what fruit you use. Most folks will chop them and
    throw them into a plastic bag. Or slightly mash them inside of the plastic sandwich bag, and
    freeze them so...

  • Posted in thread: Succulent Strawberry Blonde on 06-08-2011 at 11:08 PM
    Bottled today. FG was 1.010. Got ready to bottle and forgot priming sugar. I whipped some up
    and poured on top and gave it a good swirl. With this be ok?Did you pee in it? No? It'll be
    fine. A few bot...

Primary 1: Whiskey Stout Primary 2: Apfelwein Secondary:EMPTY Bottled: Oat Red Ale, Peach Wheat, Strawberry Dirty Blonde Ale, Brown Sugar IPA In line: Cucumber Summer Blonde, Kona Pipeline Porter Clone, Bacon Porter The best yet: St. Nick's Dirty Stout (Vanilla Gingerbread Stout) - guessed at the recipe when boiling, didn't write anything down... DAMN.