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  • Cider and wine: growing, making and drinking.
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  • Posted in thread: Books on 07-24-2015 at 10:54 PM
    Craft cidermaking by Andrew LeaThe New Cidermakers handbook by Claude Jolicoeur

  • Posted in thread: Malolactic Cider and Priming on 07-17-2015 at 10:39 PM
    Sometimes MLF bacteria can turn sugar into vinegar, that is how the ciders in spain get their
    acetic flavour. It won't happen with cultured MLF or even with most wild MLF, and not with the
    amount of s...

  • Posted in thread: Unpleasant Smell -- HELP! on 07-10-2015 at 05:47 AM
    Perhaps you have a sensitivity to so2 and this is the smell you are noticing? Some people are
    very sensitive and if you are adding so2 at each racking the ppm will build up. Maybe you
    should go easy o...

  • Posted in thread: Cider Nutrition on 06-28-2015 at 05:59 AM
    Along with the beer I've been making, I've also always got a couple of gallons of cider going.
    I've always just bought store brand fruit juices of different types and let them ferment out. I
    don't swe...

  • Posted in thread: Sour Ciders? on 06-20-2015 at 02:01 AM
    If you live in a warm sunny climate it is fairly easy to get your apples above 1.060 in a good
    year. This year most of my cider is above 8% abv. my record is 1.108. A lot depends on your
    cropping yiel...

  • Posted in thread: Home Vineyard on 06-17-2015 at 09:40 AM
    If you are averaging 3lb per bunch that is far too big for good winegrapes. Winegrapes should
    be less than 1lb on average. Big fat bunches mean not much skin, and the skin is where the
    flavour is for ...

  • Posted in thread: Sour Ciders? on 06-17-2015 at 08:51 AM
    Cider is quite different to beer. Lactobacillus will actually make cider less sour, rather than
    more sour. Cider like wine undergoes MLF, usually either lactobacillus or oenococcus, lacto
    only if the ...

  • Posted in thread: Home Vineyard on 06-13-2015 at 11:11 PM
    There are lots of options with trellis wires. It depends a lot how vigorous your vines grow.
    Vines can be very vigorous with good conditions, too vigorous is bad, it isn't usually a
    problem for a smal...

  • Posted in thread: Home Vineyard on 06-12-2015 at 01:49 AM
    It is no problem if they are a bit crowded in the tube, they will soon grow out the top. A lot
    of vineyards will plant 6ft apart mainly to save money. When you plant your bigger vineyard
    next year I w...

  • Posted in thread: Home Vineyard on 06-11-2015 at 11:45 PM
    The thing to keep in mind is that your main aim is always to get the grapes as ripe as
    possible. This isn't as easy as it may seem, grapevines are subject to many pests and diseases,
    it is different i...

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