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  • Posted in thread: Want to serve 3 keg beers at wedding reception. Best setup? on 03-07-2016 at 07:31 PM
    (Hopefully this photo comes up) I didn't bother reading the entire thread, but that's because I
    second the motion for tubs with ice. Because that's what we did for our reception.... And I
    made all the...

  • Posted in thread: Moding a DishWasher to clean Kegs Keggles Buckets Carboys!! Pictures on 05-21-2013 at 12:55 PM
    Very clever.I have several silly questions. None of which are really important.Do you run the
    washer on a full cycle for each piece you want to clean, or cut it short?What if you put a 'T'
    on the end ...

  • Posted in thread: Any DIY exhaust hood builds for cheap? on 01-18-2013 at 03:43 PM
    I plan on just making one out of sheet metal when I get to it.... (Im lucky, my family owns a
    sheet metal shop)Have any friends that work in a sheet metal shop or HVAC?... They usually have
    access to ...

  • Posted in thread: Opening a microbar - Keg vs bottle on 01-08-2013 at 04:11 PM
    Any reason you want to commit to one method? Because I would think that a combination of
    Corny/Bottles would be easiest... Starting the business is going to be hard enough... Im a big
    proponent of 'us...

  • Posted in thread: Holy Hops Batman on 02-01-2012 at 06:05 AM

  • Posted in thread: Leaving Brewhouse with Fermenting Ales on 12-14-2011 at 08:35 PM
    I vote Aquarium Heater...If you are worried about evaporation, I would just wrap over it with
    plastic wrap and tape the sides down... That should keep most, if not all of the water in there
    for the 4 ...

  • Posted in thread: Black IPA thoughts. on 07-04-2011 at 01:14 AM
    Agreed with the cold steeping.But, I want a bit more of the roastiness... I have had a few
    friends do the cold steep thing and they just seem to come out thin tasting... It is summer, I
    dont plan on h...

  • Posted in thread: Black IPA thoughts. on 07-03-2011 at 11:43 PM
    ... This is what I am leaning towards now ... 12.5 lbs Pale Malt (Probably Marris Otter)2.5 lbs
    Flaked Rye1.0 lbs Vienna Malt.75 lbs De-Bittered Black (Last 30 min of mash).25 lbs Chocolate
    Malt (Last...

  • Posted in thread: Black IPA thoughts. on 06-21-2011 at 10:26 PM
    The last one I did i had a Debittered... I just dont have anymore laying around at the
    moment... I agree 100% with the idea of just adding a little roastiness without the bitterness,
    I was hoping that...

  • Posted in thread: Black IPA thoughts. on 06-21-2011 at 02:10 AM
    Hey all.I spend most of my time creepin around with few posts... But I wanted to get a little
    bit of input with this recipe.... Its ingredients I have on hand, and its mostly a tweak on one
    I have don...