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  • extact/grain brewer since late 90's.want to start doing partial mashes more often collecting my equipment for BIAB as the future for my brewing efforts.
  • shooting,reloading,motorcycles,& brewing beer. play guitar ,learning Irish fiddle.
  • retired
  • hoke smith hinson II
  • mostly all style rock and fingerstyle guitar, Irish fiddle music.
  • historical period and comedy...
  • i don't waste my time on weekly T.V. rots yer mind.
  • histories,biographies, autobiographies, how to books...brew your own magazine
  • none
  • extract.....extract/grain...some partial mashes,rnfinally went to All Grain using BIAB.
  • moving into 10 gallon batches with BIAB
  • saison ale
  • don't bottle
  • have what's left of a cream ale
  • Male
  • Married
  • deland
  • florida


  • Posted in thread: Blichmann power module on 05-12-2014 at 10:15 PM
    anyone using the blichmann module to control mash temps on gas fired BIAB ?i have been pricing
    out building one and the cost are within a stone's thrown of buying one....thanx for any

  • Posted in thread: BIAB using HERMS on 03-02-2014 at 09:14 PM
    yeah but it's CLEAN ethanol....LOL!:)GD

  • Posted in thread: Blichmann Engineering Electric BoilCoil and RIMS Rocket Sneek Peak @ NHC 2013 | Beer on 03-02-2014 at 08:42 PM
    blichmann over the top prices markented on equipment that is nice but not worth as much as
    blitchmann feels it's worth. but again there are folks who buy name first.....i agree with many
    who feel thei...

  • Posted in thread: BIAB using HERMS on 03-02-2014 at 01:15 PM
    Excellent reasoning largus 1776, and i agree with you 100% both on the heating element &
    polymer migration of plastics. AKA the new car smell, IS plastic in the air...i have been been
    brewig since the...

  • Posted in thread: BIAB using HERMS on 03-01-2014 at 02:52 AM
    Yes have checked out that site outstanding site with tons of info dedicated to the home
    brewing hobby, can't ask for much more. thanx for the tip......GD

  • Posted in thread: BIAB RIMS Experiment on 02-28-2014 at 08:21 PM
    great set up shows some great outa the box thinking.....i'm trying to do a temp controlled
    recir using a pump, a ranco temp controller and a HVAC propane water heater module to fire off
    my burner when...

  • Posted in thread: BIAB using HERMS on 02-28-2014 at 07:35 PM
    prsently i'm investigating building a set up very much like the blitchmann power module that
    handles propane or natural gas. right now i'm brewing with bottle propane and have a friend
    with HVAC exper...

  • Posted in thread: BIAB using HERMS on 02-27-2014 at 02:58 AM
    been brewing BIABS for about a year now and have considered the high gravity brewing company
    set up in 20 gallon with auto temp control.i still am questioning the heating element in the
    wort for the m...

  • Posted in thread: Weevils in Grain, response from AustinHomeBrew on 11-21-2013 at 04:26 AM
    So I sent off an email to Austin Home Brew Supply on some grain I bought 2 months ago and had
    stored in a air tight container (I thought I would be brewing by now) but decided to expand and
    change my ...

  • Posted in thread: low Ph on this mash...WHY? on 11-21-2013 at 04:11 AM
    Are your strips old or stored improperly? They are notorious in the medical field for going bad
    and giving crappy results.just kept in the snap cap container at room temps.......guess i need
    to seek o...

September 30, 2012  •  11:34 PM
have been extract/grain brewing since the late 90's.
have brewed a few partial mash recipes.
looking to do some larger mashes using a cooler and batch sparging.
i like dark beers, porters, scottish heavies and belgian ales.