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  • Posted in thread: Bad reaction from Cider on 10-23-2014 at 08:14 PM
    Have you tried having someone else drink it and see if they get sick???? ;) Just a wicked

  • Posted in thread: Cinnfully delicious cinnamon apple cider on 10-23-2014 at 08:04 PM
    I used 4, possibly 5 cinn sticks (approx 3" long?) in a 5 gallon cyser (cider's cousin ;) )
    ....they sat in secondary for at least several weeks, gave it a nice "earthy" "woody" mellow
    cinnamon undert...

  • Posted in thread: Beer brewers have become a nervous bunch....heh on 10-22-2014 at 09:37 PM
    I dunno...I started brewing brewing beer back in the '90's....Charlie P's book(s) was the
    bible, so to speak, and brewing was pretty casual, relaxed, etc. Made some meads back then, no
    big t'ing.... G...

  • Posted in thread: I won't prime this wAy again ! on 10-22-2014 at 08:58 PM
    When you add sugar grains, the CO2 gloms onto all that new surface area. It comes out of
    solution very fast. I've done it, too. ^^^ This ^^^ the sugar grains add "nucleation points"
    for the CO2.....go...

  • Posted in thread: First Cider (Cat) Disaster on 10-22-2014 at 07:50 PM
    Surely, the cat must go "sleep with the fishes" ... ;)

  • Posted in thread: habanero in wine problem on 10-21-2014 at 06:17 PM
    I've made several meads (not technically wine, but, close enough) with habaneros, some with
    habs in primary, never had a problem. Just wondering, how many habaneros in how big a batch,
    and what yeast ...

  • Posted in thread: How long to age melomel on 10-20-2014 at 03:18 PM
    1118 is a very, ummmm, "robust" yeast that will eat virtually anything available, sugar-wise
    (well, up to a point)....most anything made with it will end up dry unless you stepfeed several
    times (or a...

  • Posted in thread: Made 3 batches of mead this morning. on 10-20-2014 at 02:59 PM
    Nice.....All 3 sound good to me :cool:.....brace yourself for folks "yellin'" at ya for having
    too much headspace in the carboy ;) I honestly don't fret over it.....ideally, yeah, would be
    nice to hav...

  • Posted in thread: What flavours would you like to try?? on 10-20-2014 at 02:50 PM
    Fixing to try a 1 gallon batch of yerba mate mead, possibly with ginseng .....yerba mate is
    great stuff....kinda like tea, but.....better :) I buy it by the kilo, so it's always on hand,
    just thinking...

  • Posted in thread: Bottling Question on 10-19-2014 at 06:01 PM
    My bottling bucket is slightly off at 1 gallon and almost 2 qts off at the 5 gallon
    marking.Same here.....if I fill to the 5 gallon mark on the bucket, it's quite a bit less than
    5 actual gallons of ...