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  • Posted in thread: Get to the scrap yard - NOW! on 12-07-2006 at 03:20 AM
    I got a corny from our local scrapper for £5 - no lid but it's in better condition than
    some of the kegs I'm already using. Keg rescue eh BP? :)Matt

  • Posted in thread: Buying 33lbs of malt extract, any ideas on hops to get and some steeping grains? on 12-07-2006 at 03:14 AM
    Hops/ steeping grains for an IPA?Definately steep some crystal malt in there to add some fresh
    grain & caramel flavours, it really spruces up an extract brew.A strong bittering hop ~ 10% AAU
    such as N...

  • Posted in thread: Keg Fermenter Kit? on 12-06-2006 at 05:53 AM
    I use a corny as the 2ndary fermentor & it's very useful. This way you can keep the beer in the
    same keg to drink from. You can add finings if you want and when it's time to keg you can just
    blow off ...

  • Posted in thread: SMASH!!!!!!.....blood....sweat....tears... on 12-06-2006 at 05:40 AM
    Do you have these in the States?4" screw cap with a hole for an airlock & bung2x carry handles.
    excape there JR - still sounds nasty thoughMatt

  • Posted in thread: Munton's Ale Yeast? on 12-06-2006 at 05:27 AM
    DAAB wait till I tell uncle Jim :)

  • Posted in thread: main difference of commercial &homebrewing? on 12-06-2006 at 05:25 AM
    With all grain brewing you can achieve exactly the same results as a microbrewery because you
    are brewing using the same methods. Extract brewing can produce good beers and is a good way to
    start lear...

  • Posted in thread: How to Aerate? on 12-06-2006 at 04:58 AM
    The best way? You could spend the dough on one of those deals where you have to go get new
    oxygen containers...but, IMHO...... sure to use an air filter on the air line - bacteria and
    spores are abun...

  • Posted in thread: Secondary Fermentation necessary?? on 12-06-2006 at 04:47 AM
    If nothing else I like using a secondary because it frees up my primary for another brew :) I
    use a corny keg with the gas post being used with a blow off tube & it's very useful.

  • Posted in thread: Flushing keg lines? on 06-29-2006 at 03:48 AM
    commercial pubs over here just use a dilute bleach solution. Before the bleacj I flush the
    lines with water and afterwards blow dry the system with a bit of gas. Matt

  • Posted in thread: Specific Gravity calculations on 06-16-2006 at 04:43 PM
    scratching my head hereMaking a brew with extract and I'm aiming for an OG of say 1.050. I need
    to know roughly how much extract to use?The density of water at room temp is 1000g/L ( metric
    scale is b...

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