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  • Posted in thread: Checking a corney on an airplane? on 12-10-2010 at 10:11 PM
    This would be an interesting question, call the airline and then post their response. I think
    others may be tempted to try this. I'm not sure how some cop may react if he sees you carrying
    it into the...

  • Posted in thread: To anyone who owns a brew store or knows the business on 12-10-2010 at 04:53 PM
    Put me down for 10@$15.

  • Posted in thread: Don't like my latest batch, now what? on 12-09-2010 at 08:45 PM
    I've had a few batches that I really didn't care for the taste. I mixed it with other beers
    with stronger flavors and it went down pretty well.

  • Posted in thread: Any Midwest Supplies Coupon Codes on 12-09-2010 at 08:06 PM
    I in Las Vegas. Their FedEx shipping is killing me. The damned ground price is over $25 already
    for a few brew items and two kits ...I called today and the Midwest rep did not want to do
    anything abou...

  • Posted in thread: Boiled Grains Too Long??? on 12-06-2010 at 05:04 PM
    Personally, I don't throw anything away until after it has aged for a year to make sure it is
    truly bad. Revvy gave great advice in his post, after all, you may find that you made a better
    beer than y...

  • Posted in thread: How much did you pay for your turkey fryer? on 11-05-2010 at 10:02 PM
    I don't remember how much I paid, but I bought the square on at Walmart a couple of years back.
    It's a little more stable than the round one I had before that. I use it to heat my 15 gallon
    boil kettl...

  • Posted in thread: Looking for and outdoor brewing setup on 11-01-2010 at 10:26 PM
    My burner has the black box on the front with the 20 minute timer. I put a pair of vice grips
    on the timer knob when I'm boiling and it doesn't time out. It makes it a lot easier than
    remembering to t...

  • Posted in thread: How long is too long in primary? on 10-25-2010 at 04:32 PM
    I have beers that I brew in October every year, I leave them on the yeast until April. I keg
    them up and they are delicious for the summer. I don't worry about how long a beer sits on the
    yeast. In my...

  • Posted in thread: Man, Danstar Nottingham is FAST!!! on 10-20-2010 at 07:50 PM
    I used to just pitch my notty directly until a while back when I ended up with 10 packets of
    bad yeast from the bad batch that was out. I began starting my yeast just to make sure it was
    good before I...

  • Posted in thread: Pumpkin = PITA on 09-06-2010 at 02:01 AM
    I put 2 large cans of pumpkin in my MLT once, and I will never do that again. It took me about
    2 hours to get about 7 gallons collected. Since then, I just don't mash out, I put the pumpkin
    in my coll...