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  • Posted in thread: Ball Bearing for dry hopping? on 11-02-2011 at 08:08 PM
    The ball bearing still could be Stainless steel. there is different types of stainless. I know
    304 Stainless will turning black in an acid environment. This happens is food Plants with the
    chemicals t...

  • Posted in thread: Ball Lock gas in connector won't come off on 09-22-2011 at 06:51 PM
    I did the same thing when I was in a hurry to hook things up and put the in line on the out of
    the keg. I just made sure the sleeve was up and slowly wiggled it back and forth and not up and
    down. It ...

  • Posted in thread: Needs suggestions on this "illegal" Blonde ale on 04-27-2011 at 11:45 PM
    Stay away from the white part of the oranges it will give a sour/bitter taste that can take
    over your beer. I learned this the hard way, the beer was not undrinkable but pretty close.

  • Posted in thread: dry hop question on 04-19-2011 at 10:44 PM
    I would not worry about it. All the hassle of dealing with a little bit of hops particle isn't
    a big deal if you and your buddies are going to be drinking it. I usually do not get to much
    sucked up an...

  • Posted in thread: Using a hop bag or not on 04-15-2011 at 04:29 PM
    When I started brewing 10 years ago at the age of 21 the kits I bought always had a sock like
    bag for the hops for the boil. I guess I have never really thought about it because "that how I
    have alway...

  • Posted in thread: kegging to early by mistake on 03-30-2011 at 08:14 PM
    I have two similar looking beers in the carboy and I was in a hurry and not paying attention
    and grabbed the wrong carboy and kegged The beer was not quit to it finally gravity because I
    check the day...

  • Posted in thread: Storing lager on 03-24-2011 at 03:47 PM
    My question is after I lager for my 4 weeks. Can I just store the beer in a carboy in my 55
    degree basement for awhile. If so how long? This problem comes up because my lagering fridge is
    old and suck...

  • Posted in thread: How long does Wyeast Activator yeast stay good? on 03-22-2011 at 02:35 AM
    Make a starter and give it a couple of extra days. I might do a step starter where you keep
    adding in extra starter solution every day. It will help the yeast stay in reproduction as
    opposed to fermen...

  • Posted in thread: storing wort on 03-22-2011 at 02:20 AM
    I was going to ask this question. Can you make a stronger mixture of sugar and just add water
    (less fridge room). Thanks

  • Posted in thread: wrong yeast ? on 03-21-2011 at 02:54 AM
    I have used both for a Wit beer with the same grain mix. You really will not see much of
    difference, I know there will be people that will say I am wrong but I could not tell much of a