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    Wyeast #3944 wit Hoegaarden: Really temp variable:
    65-69F+ = If you like clean, neutral American wheat beers then think about fermenting in the mid to high 60s. It might take a full month to finish, but it'll be very clean and let the coriander/hops really come through.
    70-75F+ = If you like blue moon or other commercial wits, then think about the low to mid 70s.
    78-82F+ = But if you like authentic Belgians then put the carboy in the hottest part of the house. I've brewed it all three ways and prefer batches kept in the high 70s to low 80s. 3944 makes a (to me) really nice peppery spicyness at this temp that pairs nicely with all the other ingredients.

    Wyeast [email protected] - read a post about 2 months ago and Denny had been to a Wyeast seminar and Wyeast recommended a 80+ deg fermentation so I gave it a try I controlled mine to 82 deg. and fermented out in about 6 day , O.G. was 1.050 F.G. 1.008
    Following this Fullers Extra Special Bitter clone recipe:
    Coopers English Bitter kit, 1KG dry amber malt, 21L:
    - using washed Wyeast 3944 yeast to make a Belgian Ale instead of the kit yeast. Supposedly this wit yeast "...also makes superb strong Belgian ales and Trappist-style beers"
  • Wyeast 3944: If you want more of an orange-y SPICY bite I'd add the (coursely crushed) coriander with 10-20 min left in the boil and ferment the batch in the high 70s to even the low 80s. In my experience the distinctive Belgian wit spice/tang I associate with this beer comes from giving the coriander time to work and letting the yeast go crazy at higher temps that would otherwise frighten you.

    When I'm looking for a definite lemon/orange flavored addition (as opposed to a citrus aroma and spicy/tangy/crisp finish), I'll follow the Northern Brewer extract recipe but add lemon or orange zest for 7-10 days after the fermentation has died down.
  • 1) Morgans Wheat with Wyeast 3944 + 750g Briess Malting Bavarian Weizen dry malt(65% wheat/35%barley) + Coriander + lemon zest in a Hoegaarden clone attempt.
    2) Coopers Stout with 1KG dry malt
    3) Coopers Pilsener with 1KG Hopped dry malt
    4) Coopers Pilsener + Mexican Cerveza kit
    5) Coopers Mexican Cerveza with 1KG dextrose + lime extract at bottling.
    6) Coopers Canadian Blonde with 1KG dextrose + lemon extract at bottling.
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