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    2- Worrenberg's Organic Cider w/ wild flower honey and EC-1118
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  • Posted in thread: My experiment on 03-18-2009 at 04:18 AM
    besides, below 4% you may run into more risks of spoilage... but thats just me... i'd stick
    with minimum 4%.

  • Posted in thread: Results from juice, yeast and sugar experiments on 03-12-2009 at 02:50 PM
    bear with me! We're buzy in the vineyard this week, but on Monday i'll be back in the cellar
    (we'll be bottling the magnums!mmmmmmmh) so i'll try the experiments sometime in the day....

  • Posted in thread: Results from juice, yeast and sugar experiments on 03-09-2009 at 10:14 PM
    that is actually a great idea...grape and apple juice are quite different in their
    biochemistry... for exemple, tartaric acid is specific to grapes and is present in big
    proportions to other fruit aci...

  • Posted in thread: Holy crapoly on 03-08-2009 at 10:40 PM
    i'm not a fan of adding so much extracted fermentable sugars (from cane or corn or watever) to
    apple juice (heavy chaptalization). It definitely screws with the flavors big time. Use apple
    or other fr...

  • Posted in thread: Blueberry Cyser on 03-08-2009 at 08:50 PM
    Even with fruit additions, supplemental YAN is beneficial. oh yes, i meant fruit juices on
    their own, without honey additions...by the way, your mead FAQ is awesome. Great work :)

  • Posted in thread: Blueberry Cyser on 03-08-2009 at 06:04 AM
    oh. True. I see the guy's making a ton of meads!sorry Poobah... :\I've received a lot of help
    on this forum, i was just trying to give back ;)

  • Posted in thread: Champagne Cider on 03-08-2009 at 03:55 AM
    i'd say the weak watery taste could be caused by the apples used to make that juice.i could be
    wrong.but that what i think.let it do its thing, like the others said, and backsweeten....

  • Posted in thread: Blueberry Cyser on 03-08-2009 at 03:24 AM
    i dont have enough time on my hands right now to look into your numbers, but be aware that too
    much nitrogen addition is bad for your yeast health and also because post-fermentation residual
    N2 can be...

  • Posted in thread: Results from juice, yeast and sugar experiments on 03-05-2009 at 04:22 PM
    ok im in the middle of my winery assistant courses now and one important thing about kmeta i've
    learned is that the effective levels are below the tasting threshold.When you add KMS, a huge
    part will ...

  • Posted in thread: Noobie question. Can I use apple juice from my juicer? on 01-08-2009 at 09:23 PM
    its possible, i did my first batch ever with our juicer. It was a PAIN, but i suppose that with
    one of those better, badder juicer it would be much easier. I've seen a juicer that was gulping
    whole ap...

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