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  • Posted in thread: Filtering went south! on 11-15-2014 at 07:15 PM
    thx for all the input! I can't do the cold stabilize warm where I live and no
    refrigerator space available. This batch is now in the keg and I have a 1 oz dry hop bag of
    Cascade in. The res...

  • Posted in thread: Filtering went south! on 11-14-2014 at 06:42 AM
    Extract IPA 3 weeks in primary, then racked to keg. It was cloudy/hazy, so I decided to filter
    it using a round plate filter between 2 kegs. I had only "polish" level pads (the mid-level),
    so I used t...

  • Posted in thread: Filtering beer? on 11-08-2014 at 09:18 PM
    I'm a newbie brewer on my 3rd extract American IPA kit. It's being fermented
    entirely in the primary for 3 weeks total; it'll be done next week. I have corny kegs and a
    plate filter that I ...

  • Posted in thread: dry hop in keg on 10-30-2014 at 11:51 PM
    There's an easy way to avoid grassy flavors. I've often dry hopped in the keg by putting the
    hops in a bag and hanging them in the center of the keg using dental floss. Once the liquid
    goes below the ...

  • Posted in thread: We no need no stinking beer gun... on 10-21-2014 at 11:19 PM
    I find the longer a beer sits in a properly pressurized keg, the better the beer "holds on" to
    the carbonation during transfer. I bet if it sat for a month you'd get better results. :mug:Thx
    BM, I'll ...

  • Posted in thread: We no need no stinking beer gun... on 10-21-2014 at 09:10 PM
    After reading about 10 pages, I made the BMBG and test bottled 12 of stout. Opened the first
    last night and it had very little head, and was a bit less carbonated than ideal (but
    definitely not flat)....

  • Posted in thread: Short term keg cooling? on 10-14-2014 at 08:32 PM
    I made a temporary keg cooler to serve beer around the holidays. It is set up for 7-10 days. It
    consists of a rectangular insulated cooler with detachable lid for the bottom section and 1.5"
    rigid ins...

  • Posted in thread: Will extract get old? on 08-17-2014 at 09:01 PM
    OK, you've forced me out...I'm really a wine-maker who does a beer occasionally. So do one now
    and another later is sensible to you (regular beer-makers), but isn't in the cards for me now.
    My real ch...

  • Posted in thread: Making cider taste like apples on 08-16-2014 at 10:12 PM
    Agreed with above, the only issue is you say you usually leave it pretty dry. You'll need to go
    to bone dry, 1.000 or as close as possible. Use nutrients and wait till it's clear.Add

  • Posted in thread: Will extract get old? on 08-16-2014 at 10:02 PM
    Got an IPA kit from my local brew shop and plan to serve it at a big Thanksgiving gathering.
    Now, I'm reading that an IPA can lose it's hoppy nose/taste over time and that it might be
    better to make i...


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