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  • I live in South Florida, and I am looking to start getting into homebrewing more. I have made a few batches with the Mr. Beer kit which is very limiting and not as tasty as I hope to start making for real. I have read up on home brewing a bit and now subscribe to BYO as well. I have made 3 batches so far (Old Castle brown ale, Hop Head IPA, and Petite Saison)... I am still only on extract brewing but I am looking forward to getting into all grain once i feel more confident and have the money to buy the additional equipment which i would need. I will also be attempting to do lagering as soon as my fridge is cleaned up and ready. I received an older Pepsi counter top fridge (beverage air), which will fit a 5 gallon bucket perfect, from my sister. I have almost completed my Kenmore Keezer build (just need 2 more faucets to make a total of 6), it fits my needs at the moment since I only have 2 kegs but I will hopefully be changing that in a few months.
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  • My friend bought me a Mr. Beer a few years back. It took me a little to get started with it (was so much easier to just buy beer). once i got started with it I began to really look into how everything was really done. I picked up some books and mags on the subject, and then I was ready to actually start brewing for real. I bought all my current equipment in the beginning of 2011 with intentions of expending as I get more into it and as my needs require.rnrnMy current setup: rn32qt SS brew kettle (Bayou Classic)rnpropane burner (Bayou Classic)rnSS immersion chillerrnPlastic 6.5gal primary w/fermometerrn2x- Glass Carboy secondary's w/fermometersrnDual 5gal 'corny' keg assembly, a 5lb CO2 tank, and a double CO2 regulatorrnRefractometer (brix)rnKenmore 6 keg Keezer conversion
  • Debating on trying a mead since I havent had much time to dedicate to a brew day...
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