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  • Posted in thread: cheap pumps on ebay on 03-10-2008 at 08:35 PM
    It works pretty well. The flow rate drops off at 200 degrees but is still adequate fo use with
    my plate chiller. I don't think it is powerful enough to use with a whirlpool type setup, but
    it works we...

  • Posted in thread: Passing an idea by you on 01-30-2008 at 05:38 PM
    i think it will

  • Posted in thread: Wtf? on 01-21-2008 at 03:29 AM
    Really? You've done this? The flange at the top pf the dip tube supports the prongs of the
    poppet valve, and compresses the o-ring. I'd be amazed if it sealed with out that flange.Yes.
    The plastic dip...

  • Posted in thread: My Updated Brewery on 01-19-2008 at 01:54 AM
    It looks like you have a pump from your drawings. Why the three tier system? Also you could use
    the burner for the BK for the steam generator to avoid using the cooktop since you probably
    won't be ste...

  • Posted in thread: Wtf? on 01-19-2008 at 01:49 AM
    I have found a couple kegs with plastic gas dip tubes. You can toss them and the keg will still
    work fine.

  • Posted in thread: 5 gal cooler-grain capacity on 01-12-2008 at 03:16 AM
    I've mashed about 13 to 14 lbs in my 5 gallon mash tun with three batch sparges. To get around
    a 1070 wort. But that was pretty much maximum capacity. I've since switched to a 10 gallon

  • Posted in thread: Microscope? on 01-11-2008 at 02:30 AM
    you can count yeast with a microscope, but to look for contamination it is better to plate some
    samples. I think you would need a oil immersion lens somewhere around 400x

  • Posted in thread: cleaning aluminum on 01-07-2008 at 12:01 AM
    PBW works well.

  • Posted in thread: cheap pumps on ebay on 01-05-2008 at 01:49 AM
    Yeah, it's only rated to 200 degrees. I'm just going to see if it will be suitable. From the
    material specs it appears it will as long as the motor doesn't overheat. But hey, what's 12
    degrees really....

  • Posted in thread: Help salvage an unfermented bock on 01-05-2008 at 01:41 AM
    I think your idea about reboiling might be a good one. Since it seems that the yeast aren't
    doing anything, it would insure that anything else won't be able to get a foothold. Plus then
    you can aerate...