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  • Posted in thread: Red-Headed Step Ale on 04-20-2009 at 07:21 PM
    4 lbs British Pale3 oz British Crystal 95-115L 7 oz Roasted Barley 8 oz Flaked Barley5 lbs
    Light DMEHops Schedule:1.0 oz Kent Goldings 5% - 60mins0.5 oz Fuggles 5% - 30minsYeast: Wyeast
    1084 XL - Iris...

  • Posted in thread: What Type Should I Grow? on 04-07-2009 at 05:09 PM
    I second that! Centennial, Chinook and Cascade will cover your IPAs. Fuggle or Hallertauer
    would round it out nicely.

  • Posted in thread: Widow Maker Black Ale on 03-25-2009 at 05:27 PM
    I have never tried, nor heard of this beer before. So we're going to need some more info before
    we can give this clone the ol' college try. What variety of hops are used, whats the starting
    and final ...

  • Posted in thread: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone Extra Hop addition question... on 03-23-2009 at 01:39 PM
    I am a big fan of dry hop additions. When I make my APA/IPA or other hoppy beers, I always dry
    hop. My biggest dry hop was 3/4 oz centennial in the secondary for 3 weeks. The beer had a very
    strong ho...

  • Posted in thread: to dry hop, or not to dry hop on 03-16-2009 at 04:24 PM
    Yes! IMHO APA and IPA should ALWAYS be dry hopped. They should also have hops added to the
    runnings if you're doing AG. They should also be wet hopped when possible. Add hops In the
    boil, the 1* and 2...

  • Posted in thread: Homebuild chiller opinions? on 03-16-2009 at 04:05 PM
    I think that the 16' should be enough, especially when its 1/2" tube. My immersion chiller is
    20' of 1/4" and it operates at pretty close to max efficiency; that is the temperature of the
    water coming...

  • Posted in thread: Info Request: Lasko "Temno" on 03-16-2009 at 01:42 PM
    I wanted to make a clone of this beer, Lasko Temno. It is a Slovenian brewing company and I
    haven't been able to find much information about the beer on the internet. I was wondering if
    anybody had dr...

  • Posted in thread: Leak!! - keg full on 03-11-2009 at 02:23 PM
    If you're looking to take the keg apart, I know a guy in the St. Louis area that offers free
    keg emptying services. On a serious note, I would simply pressurize the keg, then simply
    disconnect the CO2...

  • Posted in thread: Pecan Porter on 03-10-2009 at 02:41 PM
    I'm working on a Pecan Pie Porter, or brown ale. What's your recipe for the PP?

  • Posted in thread: Partial Sun Hops? on 03-06-2009 at 08:31 PM
    I'm planning to grow Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, and Hallertuaer hops. They will be grown
    horizontally along the top of a 6' fence which runs north and south. Of those varieties which
    would most tol...

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