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  • Posted in thread: water chemistry for pils - brewing tomorrow on 08-06-2016 at 08:47 PM
    brewshop was out of phosphoric so it looks like I'm diluting with 30% distilled. That should
    drop the alkalinity down and then I can use a smaller dose of lactic to hit my pH.From some
    other googling ...

  • Posted in thread: water chemistry for pils - brewing tomorrow on 08-06-2016 at 06:23 PM
    I'm using Bru'n water spreadsheet. I will pick up some phosphoric today on your suggestion and
    see if that changes things a bit.Thanks

  • Posted in thread: water chemistry for pils - brewing tomorrow on 08-06-2016 at 05:53 PM
    Brewing a pils tomorrow and went through Bru'n water to figure out my adjustments and it seems
    like it's telling me to add a lot of 88% lactic. I would like some input to see if I might be
    doing somet...

  • Posted in thread: Brewtarget 1.2.4 - Free Brewing Software on 07-16-2012 at 10:44 PM
    QSharedPointer: pointer 0x8d96150 already has reference countingAborted (core dumped)getting
    this error on 12.04 and it looks like I'm not the only one. Any idea when this will be fixed? I
    really like...

  • Posted in thread: Boo Chicken Bitter (8A Ordinary Bitter) on 11-28-2011 at 06:50 PM
    How do you like the second version compared to the original recipe you posted?I typically use a
    little bit of biscuit in my bitters but might change it up a little next time.

  • Posted in thread: Help Me Brew Yuengling on 11-28-2011 at 04:54 PM
    I'm curious to see the changes as well. I would think the Chinook would have made a big
    difference in the first batch.I make a version of Yeungling too:10 gal 1.049 OG; ~18 ibu; ~ 8
    srm9# pils6 # 6-ro...

  • Posted in thread: I'm interested in buying a plug-n-play electric brewery on 11-28-2011 at 02:56 PM
    I also can recommend the system from High Gravity. I did the 3 stainless kettles instead of the
    plastic option. I like it and their customer service is very good.I had not heard of the other
    system yo...

  • Posted in thread: Why Electric? Confused on 11-28-2011 at 02:02 PM
    I've only done 4 brews on my eherms but I am not getting anywhere near 90% efficiency. More
    like 75% but it's likely due to the way I am sparging.For any who are getting ~90% efficiency
    how are you sp...