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  • Posted in thread: DIY Hop Oast Build on 05-03-2015 at 03:26 AM
    Awesome article-I read this in BYO. I have a few questions that I'm hoping you can address:1.
    Why use a solid bottom with holes for each frame instead of just a completely open bottom
    covered with scr...

  • Posted in thread: Amount of Yeast for Barleywine on 04-23-2015 at 01:45 AM
    I guess I had seen some info that suggested the calculator's pitch rate might be low for big
    beers like a barleywine. So, I was more curious to see starter size/cell counts that others had
    used to bre...

  • Posted in thread: Amount of Yeast for Barleywine on 04-21-2015 at 01:06 AM
    Im brewing a barleywine this weekend--by far, my biggest beer. I'm looking at 5.25 gallons with
    a target OG of 1.108. For those that have made bigger beers, what have your results been using
    Mr. Malty...

  • Posted in thread: Wheelchair Barleywine Clone on 01-03-2015 at 03:26 AM
    I was wondering the exact same thing. I read some mixed reviews about this beer so I may choose
    to brew my first barleywine with a different recipe. That and the 180 min boil doesn't sound
    very fun.Wh...

  • Posted in thread: Wheelchair Barleywine Clone on 01-02-2015 at 12:27 AM
    Wondering if anyone attempted the Wheelchair Barleywine Clone recipe in this month's issue of
    BYO? I've debated doing a barleywine for awhile, and for some reason this one seemed
    interesting. I've nev...

  • Posted in thread: Decanting yeast starter: pitch cold or warm to room temp? on 12-24-2014 at 07:46 PM
    I always take my starters out and decant them just after mashing in. It always seems to be
    right around room temp when I'm ready to pitch.

  • Posted in thread: Cold-Crashing a Pale Ale on 11-20-2014 at 11:20 AM
    Good point--I could just eliminate the cold crash. The clarity doesn't bother me, and to be
    honest, I'm not sure it bothers anyone that I give my beer to. The one I'm fermenting right now
    seemed a lit...

  • Posted in thread: Cold-Crashing a Pale Ale on 11-19-2014 at 03:48 AM
    I've read about people saying that cold-crashing a dry-hopped beer can cause a loss in hop
    aroma due to the hop particles attaching to the stuff that settles out during the cold crash.
    Is the same tru...

  • Posted in thread: Amber Ale on 10-13-2014 at 11:16 PM
    Wondering if anyone has ever brewed any of the recipes that show up the Great Lakes Brewing
    News that you can pick up for free at beer stores and your LHBS? I was looking at the Amber Ale
    recipe in th...

  • Posted in thread: Stepping Up a Yeast Starter on 07-08-2014 at 01:58 AM
    I've made starters plenty of times, but am currently working on "stepping up" my first starter.
    After looking at the calculations a couple different ways, I decided on starting with a 1L
    starter, deca...


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