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    IPA - 3/28/2012
    Irish Bitter - 3/28/2012
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  • Posted in thread: First crush with my new mill. on 04-28-2013 at 02:03 AM
    OK, sorry about the wait, been swamped at work. Here's the photos of my crush from my corona
    mill now that I have it dialed in. The first is a crush I would do for a traditional mash set
    up. To the le...

  • Posted in thread: First crush with my new mill. on 04-18-2013 at 08:13 PM
    Astringency is a pH problem, not a crush problem. We all end up with the same amount of hulls
    per pound of grain, some virtually intact (conditioned malt in a roller mill) others a
    fragmented chaff (d...

  • Posted in thread: First crush with my new mill. on 04-14-2013 at 12:48 PM
    Aye, you might not have to worry about stuck sparges with BIAB, but you do have to worry about
    dough balls!When I tried tightened up the gap on my Corona mill to the point that it was more
    or less mak...

  • Posted in thread: First crush with my new mill. on 04-13-2013 at 03:04 AM
    Follow up!I set my gap tighter and got a much better grind and efficiency to boot. Thanks for
    your help, I really appreciate it.

  • Posted in thread: Mystery Hops on 04-13-2013 at 02:36 AM
    I found a half ounce of some variety of mystery hop in the back of my freezer next to a half
    ounce of cascade. Both were sealed in aluminum foil pretty well (I didn't get my vacuum sealer
    yet). They a...

  • Posted in thread: First crush with my new mill. on 02-21-2013 at 09:56 PM
    Thanks guys, I was worried about crushing the hulls too fine and ending up with astringency
    issues. Double crush it all than!

  • Posted in thread: First crush with my new mill. on 02-21-2013 at 09:19 PM
    Hi,I used my new Corona style mill to crush grains for my Scottish 80/- Ale. I had some issues
    with keeping the crush consistant because of the grinder plates separating while grinding.
    Anyone else ha...

  • Posted in thread: High FG question on 11-17-2012 at 05:10 PM
    Its was am all grain batch, I know the culprit it was stupidity amd poor temperature control.
    The question was posed because I never used amalayse and didnt want a beer with a ridiculously
    low gravity...

  • Posted in thread: High FG question on 11-16-2012 at 11:35 PM
    Hi, I made an IPA last week, i will spare the details because everything that could go wrong
    did. It's finished fermenting at 1.021 from 1.064, I tried moving it from a 58* room to a 65*
    room and noth...

  • Posted in thread: Corn Sugar vs Table Sugar for Priming on 09-20-2012 at 02:46 PM
    This is the dilemma I'm facing this year: To dissolve cane granulated sugar or try dissolving
    corn sugar. Cane sugar is cheaper. I want to add what has been used in years past, 5 lbs
    granulated sugar ...


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