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  • Posted in thread: Green Apple / Acetaldehyde on 10-20-2012 at 03:10 AM
    Yeah, fermenters do go bad...especialy the plastic ones. But that's a whole other subject, just
    like sour beers (you'll need a whole other set of equipment for the cold side of brewing).

  • Posted in thread: Green Apple / Acetaldehyde on 10-19-2012 at 04:18 AM
    There's a couple reasons that this could be happening. The most likely culprit is stressed
    yeast. That can happen from not pitching enough yeast, pitching while the wort is still too
    warm, taking the ...

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 09-08-2012 at 02:26 AM
    Finch's Threadless IPA.

  • Posted in thread: Roasty from W-34/70 or % choc on 09-06-2012 at 03:20 PM
    Yeast strains do help certain flavors stand out, as you noticed in the the first W-34/70 batch
    and the first WY2206. Not to say that the manufacturer of your chocolate malts or degrees of
    roasting may...

  • Posted in thread: Exceedingly long ferm time for washed yeast on 09-06-2012 at 03:14 PM
    How long did you let the first beer stay in primary before harvesting the yeast? I ask because
    if it was anything less than 7 days, you probably harvested a lot of
    dead/unhealthy/quick-to-flocculate y...

  • Posted in thread: Diacetyl Resting a CC with WLP810 on 09-06-2012 at 03:10 PM
    Doing a D rest never hurts. Your plan of action looks pretty easy and will work just fine. Let
    us know how it turns out.

  • Posted in thread: Brinkmann Burner on 09-06-2012 at 03:07 PM
    I have not used the Brinkmann, but I own an SQ14. If the burner element in the Brinkmann is the
    same one as the SQ14 it will work just fine.

  • Posted in thread: Looking for some advice on 09-06-2012 at 03:03 PM
    duboman nailed it. I second the practice of letting your beer stay in primary for two weeks.
    For me, a two week primary is a minimum requirement. After primary, you can rack to a secondary
    if you want...

  • Posted in thread: First time Kölsch question on 09-06-2012 at 02:56 PM
    It is normal for the yeast. Since you're at a lower temp it probably just took a little bit
    longer to show the signs of "normal" fermentation.

  • Posted in thread: First Brew Questions on 09-06-2012 at 02:54 PM
    You can leave it as is. Take gravity readings though, so you know if it's the yeast getting
    back to work or CO2 getting knocked out of solution from the cherries.

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