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  • Posted in thread: Greetings from Toronto! on 04-26-2011 at 12:05 AM
    Hey all,Kevin from Toronto here.I got into all-grain brewing about a year ago and have made a
    few batches of so far, with mixed results. Iím planning a simple, single-hop English Pale Ale
    for my next ...

  • Posted in thread: Having no luck with bottles on 04-12-2011 at 01:33 AM
    No worries... I'm Canadian, we're metric as well. :)I pickup 24 x 500ml plastic bottles with
    caps from a store in Hamilton for less than $13 CND. I also Heiken bottles and Brava
    bottles...about 100Del...

  • Posted in thread: Techniques on chilling wort on 04-12-2011 at 01:07 AM
    I consider myself a beginner, and I have only used ice baths in my utility sink to chill wort.
    I have 2 extract batches, and 2 all grain batches under my belt. I don't yet have a wort
    chiller because ...

  • Posted in thread: Good Afternoon from Ontario! on 04-06-2011 at 04:32 PM

  • Posted in thread: Bottling question on 04-05-2011 at 11:12 PM
    Yeah the OG was 1.076 so it was a heavier lager. It's currently in a 7 gallon carboy and we
    didn't want to expose it to oxygen / get the hydrometer stuck. Are there any good techniques
    you know of for...

  • Posted in thread: Ok my thermometer sucks on 04-03-2011 at 09:46 PM
    Get a cheap kitchen digital thermometer, under $20, like this one have one of those too. Got
    it off ebay for under $10Works great:ban:

  • Posted in thread: first brew day on 04-03-2011 at 09:44 PM
    Well noobie here with 10min left on the mash and getting ready to fly sparge. Irish stout.
    Really having fun and getting the looks from SWMBO . Me thinks it wonderment and questioning
    what the heck I'...

  • Posted in thread: 16 hours and no airlock activity on 04-03-2011 at 05:31 PM
    So I made my first batch of extract beer yesterday.I tried to follow the instructions of the
    kit as best I could, however, they were not the best and fairly vague. I'm starting to wonder
    now if I've s...

  • Posted in thread: Maintaining bottle conditioning temps on 04-02-2011 at 06:47 PM
    Because I'm cheap.Setup a small closet or a small room to condition your beer. Setup an extra
    150 W light bulb as a heat source and keep the door closed. You can also use christmas lights
    as your heat...

  • Posted in thread: Churning wort and HUGE krausen on 03-30-2011 at 04:38 PM
    Setup a blow off tube before she blows her top:DDeltac