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  • Posted in thread: Centennial Hops??? on 05-20-2010 at 01:01 AM
    I think some rhizomes just go at their own pace. I have 6 plants. 2 each of Centennial, E. Kent
    Golding and Willamette. The Centennials have always gone gangbusters. My two plants are already
    all the ...

  • Posted in thread: Cherries on 08-12-2009 at 10:19 PM
    Ok, so this beer is really good. It has a pinkish-brown head! The porter it is based on is also
    my favorite beer I make. I spun of 1G from a batch and added 1lb of pitted frozen cherries
    (bought that ...

  • Posted in thread: Cherries on 07-01-2009 at 01:19 PM
    I used pre-frozen pitted cherries. Bottled two days ago. The un-carbonated warm version going
    into the bottle was very promising though.

  • Posted in thread: Cherries on 06-23-2009 at 01:31 AM
    Racked the porter off of the cherries last night. Getting closer....

  • Posted in thread: Imperial Beers - Small Sparge Water Worries on 06-12-2009 at 03:39 PM
    Why is it out of the question if you use a braid? I use a 48q cooler with a ss braid and run my
    sparges 45-60 minutes without any problems. I'm not trying to be rude, I just want to know what
    you mean...

  • Posted in thread: Cherries on 06-08-2009 at 02:37 PM
    I just put the cherries in with the secondary 2 days ago. So the jury is still out. The
    technique I wound up with was: auto-siphon from primary to bottling bucket, cleaned and
    sterilized carboy (reuse...

  • Posted in thread: WOHA!!! Did that just burn my nose hairs?? on 06-06-2009 at 05:09 PM
    I did this the first batch I ever brewed. Opened up the lid on the plastic primary and was
    super exited to smell my first batch. And....Boom, near about knocked me over. Right of passage
    I suppose.

  • Posted in thread: Are hops Dried and Cured? on 06-06-2009 at 05:00 PM
    Where do you get to dive into hops? That's just plain awesome!

  • Posted in thread: A Good Day At the Office... on 06-06-2009 at 04:56 PM
    I need some friends like that.:)

  • Posted in thread: Crystal malt in a Stone Pale Ale on 05-25-2009 at 04:40 AM
    This was actually supposed to be a Stone Pale clone. The recipe is from a magazine. I'm just
    pumped b/c it's the first time I ever hit my og target in an ag brew!