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  • I got into homebrewing after working in retail during the holidays and seeing the Mr. Beer starter kit on sale. I asked my fiance to get it for me for christmas, but she ultimately bought a Coopers starter kit instead, and recently she got me some glass bottles to replace the plastic ones that came with the kit.

    My current "setup" is a 7 gallon primary unit, and a recently bought but unused 'secondary unit'.

    The first beer I made was a Coopers Wheat beer. It seemed okay, but I followed the instructions on the kit and fermented for a week and conditioned for a week; started drinking it three weeks after pitching the yeast. At two months I finished off the last bottle, and wondered why it always seemed lacking.

    My second beer was a "lager" made with ale yeast, which makes it not a lager at all, I'd say. More of a lagerale. It was pretty bland. No noble hops or anything seemed to come out of the beer, just a light malty flavor.

    My third beer was another letdown; a nut b
  • Saisons all summer.
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Ugly Fish IPA, American Cherry Wheat, Oktoberfest Ale, Blood Orange Hefeweizen
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  • Posted in thread: Once you AG, do you extract? on 01-09-2013 at 07:45 PM
    I've been getting used to mash temperatures for my last few brews, which means getting
    pointlessly stressed out for no reason, of course. I got an extract+steeping grains kit for
    Christmas, looking fo...

  • Posted in thread: Heavenly Scourge Black IIPA on 01-06-2013 at 10:47 PM
    Brewed a partial mash version of this today, 16 oz of Carafa16 oz Caramel 60L3.5 lb of 2 row6.5
    lb of light dry extractHop schedule was the sameUsing Safale-5Seems to be quite good so far,
    I'll report...

  • Posted in thread: Inspiration Thead: Post your 2013 Brew Schedule on 01-04-2013 at 01:42 PM
    Stuff I have planned to brew before Spring rolls around and ruins brewing season for me:Black
    IIPAAmber Ale Kit I got for ChristmasApollo IPA (May make this one a SMaSH)Punkin AleStuff I'm

  • Posted in thread: turkey fryer question on 11-16-2012 at 04:53 PM
    The price on your link for me is $48--do you have an online coupon or something that reduces
    the price to $40? I'm looking to pick this up myself in about 10 minutes, hopefully I can save
    a few bucks ...

  • Posted in thread: Weird Film Near top of Fermenter - Mold? (Pics) on 05-27-2011 at 12:08 PM
    Looks pretty normal to me.

  • Posted in thread: Belgian Wit taste..... on 05-19-2011 at 12:02 PM
    I once left a beer in primary for two months when I couldn't find time/motivation to put it in
    bottles. Turned out great; I'm actually sharing the last four bottles with a friend this
    weekend, which i...

  • Posted in thread: When to stop decanting? on 05-12-2011 at 01:16 PM
    Any time I move the wort/beer, I use a a large fine mesh bag to filter hop bits or fruit or
    whatever. It's worked well and is dead simple.

  • Posted in thread: Carbonation Caps? on 05-05-2011 at 07:20 PM

  • Posted in thread: crushed grains on 05-03-2011 at 01:06 PM
    That question has been answered 100 times on here already. And if you google it, this is the
    first result : answers the question, so Dave, I don't know why you would say that.I mean this
    in a broad s...

  • Posted in thread: crushed grains on 05-02-2011 at 07:35 PM
    You know I love when I search a question on google and the first dozen results are responses
    like this one where the responder tells me to go google what I'm googling. I thank people like
    you, Nateo f...

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