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  • Posted in thread: New to UT, LHBS & more on 06-19-2014 at 03:13 PM
    The Beer Nut is closer than SCBS. If you're doing extract beers note that the Beer Nut stocks
    Munton's for DME while SCBS stocks Briess. And don't forget to enter a beer (or more) in the
    Bee Hive Brew...

  • Posted in thread: All-grain mash schedule for no-malt gluten-free brewing on 08-27-2012 at 05:00 AM
    Speaking of sorghum I'm working on homebrewed African Chibuku beer commonly called shake-shake.
    I have a 6 lb bottle of malted sorghum extract on the way and the flaked maize will be mashed
    with Amyla...

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 07-06-2012 at 02:08 AM
    Now I'm having an unhopped Braggot. Man that stuff goes down easy!

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 07-06-2012 at 01:31 AM
    Today I'm drinking a Honey Hefe I bottled just five days ago and a Southern English Brown ale
    also bottled five days ago. The Hefe seems to be maturing faster with decent carbonation
    already and a nic...

  • Posted in thread: Greetings from Utah on 07-05-2012 at 11:52 PM
    For my late addition extracts I'm boiling 4 gallons of water with 1 lb of DME usually for 30
    minutes. At 10 minutes to flame off I add the remainder of the DME. I use Beersmith software to
    calculate t...

  • Posted in thread: Greetings from Utah on 07-05-2012 at 06:47 PM
    Once again I'm brewing. I started 37 years ago with Blue Ribbon hopped extract, white sugar,
    and dry yeast. Needless to say the beers weren't very good so I didn't take it up again until
    18 years ago ...

  • Posted in thread: first taste of my first brew on 06-10-2012 at 04:24 PM
    To help with a good head retention keep things clean from beginning to end. No detergent
    residue and no fat/oils residue. Multiple rinses of the equipment with very hot tap water work
    well. This appli...

  • Posted in thread: Help! 75F beer in fermenter - when should I pitch the yeast? on 06-10-2012 at 04:16 PM
    I pitch ales at 80 deg F and it eventually cools to the house temp of 74 deg F.

  • Posted in thread: Distilled water opinions on 06-10-2012 at 04:13 PM
    I have been thinking about using distilled water for some time with my extract brews. When the
    extract is made I assume they use suitable water treatment and the minerals get carried through
    into the ...