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  • Posted in thread: 7-11 Slurpee... In a Keg? on 03-21-2016 at 10:41 PM
    I accidentally created a slurpee. I had been pouring applesauce over frozen blueberries for a
    great dessert. Then I wanted more instant gratification by pouring my fermented crangrape over
    the berries...

  • Posted in thread: Absurdities in Russian Airliner Crashes on 03-11-2016 at 09:04 PM
    If you end up in that part of YouTube, you can watch those dash cam videos for days on
    end.Liveleak is another video source... somewhat edgier in showing gore. Search for thief or
    robber to find the c...

  • Posted in thread: Absurdities in Russian Airliner Crashes on 03-04-2016 at 09:52 AM
    Russia has had a bad safety record with airliners but there doesn't seem to be any web site
    tally. I thought I would list what crashes stick in my mind that had any connection to Russia
    and maybe othe...

  • Posted in thread: Making Hard Soda on 03-03-2016 at 07:40 PM
    I don't really know what hard soda is supposed to be... still sweet yet infused with moderate
    alcohol? So you could just mix like a rum and coke. Or do gimmicky brews that aren't really a
    natural proc...

  • Posted in thread: Hello friends, need help please with forced carbonating soda! Ty ty ty! on 02-05-2016 at 11:08 AM
    but I felt like it did not stay bubbly even long enough for me to finish one glass. It got flat
    within minutes, maybe less. OK, here goes some observations based on my eccentric shortcut ways
    of makin...

  • Posted in thread: Carbonation level on 02-03-2016 at 09:19 PM
    Are you using some kind of emulsifier? I thought such oils were only intended for baked goods
    and would not mix with waterbase. I have a bunch of loranne banana and another oil based brand
    which in my...

  • Posted in thread: Guarana on 01-30-2016 at 08:58 AM
    You can buy guarana syrup from amazon dot com . This site talks about Brazilians mixing syrup
    plus powder in milkshakes, but I suppose it could precip out in thinner drinks say
    competitors add fille...

  • Posted in thread: cola agave on 01-20-2016 at 08:21 PM
    Thanks but I have trouble imagining the result... say of agave + lemonade concentrate. My agave
    is a blend of the 2 kinds (white and blue?) and has strong maple overtones that might clash
    with most fr...

  • Posted in thread: cola agave on 01-19-2016 at 09:59 PM
    I had another success in ginger ale agave, using sodastream natural ginger ale syrup. It
    doesn't work with rainbow ginger beer + agave for some reason. The sodastream/agave proportion
    has to be just r...

  • Posted in thread: New cap design from Sodastream on 01-13-2016 at 12:39 AM
    It sounds trivial, but the new sodastream caps are worth replacing your old ones even by this
    frugalphile. The old design was annoying... with no friction ribs you could tighten it up, but
    maybe not u...

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