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  • A buddy gave me a homebrew to try, a standard ale, and I was hooked. Inherited a kit from my uncle, and the rest is history. I've done about 9 batches since I started in Nov 06. Homebrewing is absolutely amazing and a great hobby. but you knew that.


  • Posted in thread: Oatmeal Stout from 1.064 to 1.010 in 5 days on 02-19-2009 at 07:15 PM
    Seriously though what yeast did you use? Nottigham aka the Beast? I recently pitched an
    Amercian Stout onto a Nottingham cake and it was blowing out the top 40 minutes later! It also
    tends to floculat...

  • Posted in thread: Oatmeal Stout from 1.064 to 1.010 in 5 days on 02-19-2009 at 06:26 PM
    What does a clear stout look like?The brewer applies a similar process to the one that created
    the Mythic clear Pepsi of the early 90's.

  • Posted in thread: Help with Barleywine Recipe on 02-08-2009 at 01:11 AM
    I've been FWHing one-third of my bittering regiment. My reasoning is that the traditional
    flavor and aroma additions are good as is, and FWHing gets you extra flavor/aroma from the
    typically less-flav...

  • Posted in thread: Looking for a Sierra Nevada Porter clone on 02-08-2009 at 01:01 AM
    Hey I don't have the recipe but I just got a Sierra brochure that lists the ingredients as
    follows: 36IBU of Magnum for bittering, Yakima Golding and Willamette finishing hops, 2 row
    pale, munich, cho...

  • Posted in thread: Done dry hopping and don't feel like bottling - Ok to move to secondary? on 02-08-2009 at 12:55 AM
    Ive done just that, only it was a tersiary carboy I suppose. I bottled 15 days after racking
    off of two ounces of whole-leaf cascade and the aroma was hypnotizing. I once drank and entire
    bottle by sm...

  • Posted in thread: A question about Coriander in a porter and another question about yeast on 01-28-2009 at 11:55 PM
    On a tasting note, I added about half a tablespoon of crushed coriander to an American stout
    whilst in the secondary, and many people enjoyed it. I didn't boil any, it was a whim that came
    on later, b...

  • Posted in thread: Help with Barleywine Recipe on 01-28-2009 at 11:49 PM
    Beastly grain bill. You should also extend your mash to 90 min at least to ensure conversion.
    There's always the ole iodine test too. Just did it for kicks the other day and was pumped to
    see no color...

  • Posted in thread: Tomato sauce in brew pot on 01-19-2009 at 09:00 PM
    thanks for the quick response it is greatly appreciated. Guess he wins this round...

  • Posted in thread: Tomato sauce in brew pot on 01-19-2009 at 08:30 PM
    My roommate wants the real-deal pot for some nonsense he's making, can tomato sauce be
    concocted in my brew pot without adversely affecting my future brews or the pot itself? It is
    stainless steel. I'...

  • Posted in thread: Banana Stout on 01-14-2009 at 06:17 PM
    Ive been contemplateing a similar recipe as I has two Hef cakes going right now. Mine would not
    be as big, and my typical stout calls for 1lb of roasted barley as far as roasted malt goes.
    What if I r...