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  • Retired GM worker
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  • Posted in thread: Can I store plate stirred yeast in the fridge and pitch a week later? on 02-08-2015 at 01:07 PM
    I do it all the time. I make my starter a little bigger though just to be sure. At the moment I
    have some yeast that is getting near 4 months old. I am making a big starter and storing it in
    the fridg...

  • Posted in thread: Just CO2 or infection on 02-08-2015 at 01:03 PM
    Doesn't look like an infection to me.

  • Posted in thread: Water profile for English bitter on 02-06-2015 at 12:50 PM
    5 years? Still brewing?

  • Posted in thread: Large Starter for Lager on 01-28-2015 at 11:49 AM
    zacster, your brewing regime is exactly like mine. I pitch cold and let it slowly rise to 50 F
    and don't touch it for 3 weeks. IPA"S? Naw, I just go and buy them.

  • Posted in thread: Large Starter for Lager on 01-27-2015 at 10:03 PM
    I make 2 beers with the same malts. Pils and munich along with ale and lager yeasts. They taste
    totally different. My lager yeast is usually WLP833 and the ale yeast is Wyeast 1098, US-05 or

  • Posted in thread: Nottingham dry yeast on 01-27-2015 at 09:53 PM
    I stopped using it when my local malting company raised their Notty brick price from $58 to
    $180.00 when Danstar had quality problems.

  • Posted in thread: Diacytel Stratification on 12-12-2014 at 11:50 AM
    How clean is your beer line? If you use a tap, is it clean? Gelatin will drop that yeast into a
    nice little pile on the bottom of your keg.

  • Posted in thread: Lager fermenting on 12-12-2014 at 11:46 AM
    I pitched a boat load of WLP833 and my lag time was 70 hours. It took 17 days to get down to
    1.013 from 1.052. I pitched at 46 F. My usual yeast ( WLP940 ) has a lag time of around 30
    hours which I st...

  • Posted in thread: Shopping online, price increases - Canada on 11-25-2014 at 12:35 PM
    Yes, but it is our dollar which has gone south the last little while. Still, most of our prices
    are the same or even lower than a lot of US HB stores.

  • Posted in thread: Lager came out flavorless on 10-22-2014 at 11:48 AM
    I made a lager last summer using 100% Pils malt and WLP940 Lager yeast with Hallertauer hops,
    23 IBU. Tasted like a Pils should.